3 Step IT, helping to
transform education


3 Step IT, helping to transform education

In January 2017, 3 Step IT went to BETT. It’s the world's leading education technology event, and it happens every year in London.

We joined in an event organised by Ilona; we work with them to provide technology in the classroom, as a complete, affordable solution.

There were well over 300 Finnish education enthusiasts, pioneers & decision makers there. Carmen Ene, our CEO, was a keynote speaker, and she was joined by Erkki Kondelin who is our public sector team leader.

The discussion was focused on the challenges education sector faces in technology, and of course, how 3 Step IT can help solve these challenges.

Not just the usual how to get better value, how to manage tight budgets and control costs. They talked about supplying complete solutions affordably. Complete solutions which are individually constructed to include elements like:

  • Hardware and software (of course);
  • and training & support (which you need);
  • and classroom furniture (which you need too, but might be surprised to find integrated).

To see the whole presentation material, please click here


A better way to deliver technology for education

We aim to make use of technology easy, cost effective for our educators, and make the most of it for our students. Not just Finnish students, this is an approach we can offer widely, to make educational technology more affordable, accessible and readily used.
Our complete approach makes it easier to realise the potential of technology to transform education.

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