Bad tools make work tough and slow


Bad tools make work tough and slow

We conducted a survey to identify the attitudes of Finnish IT leaders towards the phenomenon of consumerisation. The term means that people use their own tablets and smartphones for work and demand that their employer offers similar equipment. The results indicated that many companies regard consumerisation as a threat.

”83% believe IT management will become more difficult."

”85% believe information security will reduce.” 

With regard to my employees, I have always thought that one’s tools must be in order. As expert organisations have significant employee costs, working must be efficient and productive – as well as easy and enjoyable. Working with second-grade tools is slow and sweaty, whereas the same work can be done quickly and easily with productive tools.

Consumerisation is here

Work e-mail is filled with messages about children’s hobbies and leisure-time affairs are organised at work. However, parents can often as easily work by the football pitch while watching their children play.

Consumerisation deals with changes in working culture in that working and leisure time intermingle in practical work and in social media. The question is: how can we work efficiently and easily independent of time and place?

”According to respondents, consumerisation cannot be stopped. Instead, we need to adapt and find solutions.”

3 Step IT has tackled the consumerisation phenomenon so that our personnel can choose their mobile devices from three operating systems, or ecosystems: Google Android, Apple iOS or Windows Phone. Employees can choose between a few devices for each operating system. We can offer our employees this freedom of choice because our IT administration has guaranteed information security in each system.

We will re-evaluate single devices in a few years when we can see whether it is profitable to switch to a newer model or continue with the old one.

”61% believe work motivation will improve.”

For me, the most important mobile device is the smartphone. At times I feel that I even use it too much. I want to be up to date with events in our international organisation. E-mail, calendar and Skype are always open on my phone. On business trips, the smartphone brings my family close in the traditional way – we share what’s going on over the phone. 

A tablet is handy on business trips when processing information and reading, but I am not ready to abandon my laptop. For my generation, the keyboard is a necessity when producing text.

Mika Karjalainen

Sales Director