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6 steps to a data secure holiday

27 Jun 2019

After an intensive first half of the year filled with meetings, projects and emails, it is time for a break. Executing H1, planning H2 and running around the office for six months without a break can be exhausting. While you and your computer deserve some time off, data security does not. To enjoy...

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3 Step IT named Circular Economy leader at The Global Good Awards

20 Jun 2019

3 Step IT won the Circular Economy Award at the Global Good Awards ceremony on 19th June in London. These awards are for organisations of all sizes and in all sectors. They take a broad view and look at organisations’ impact on the environment, community and employees. The Circular Economy Award...

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Data security - A vital part of the circular economy

17 Jun 2019

It is no secret that there are major risks associated with data security for companies and organisations. But risks also enable opportunities and with a smooth process for data handling, most things can be completed safely. A relatively easy way to avoid unwanted risks is through the circular...

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Reusing smartphones - Sustainable actions

10 Jun 2019

A study by McMaster University in Canada shows that less than 1% of all smartphones are being recycled , a frighteningly low figure given the environmental impact that manufacturing and purchasing new phones have. In addition, it appears in the report that producing a new smartphone uses as much...

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Sustainability at the core

06 Jun 2019

At 3stepIT remarketing is responsible for refurbishing and reselling used equipment. This is a key part of 3stepIT’s approach to building a more sustainable future. Last year, we grew our remarketing business, handling 478,463 devices, up 13% on the year before. Our remarketing team handles...

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Sustainability report 2018

04 Jun 2019

It is World Environment Day today. Its spirit of making it personal resonates with our own commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment, so we have released our latest annual Sustainability Report to coincide . In this report, we announce that in 2018, we successfully refurbished and...

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Stepping up for Sustainability

29 May 2019

At 3 Step IT, we sell sustainable solutions. We build our promises around the circular economy and preach about the CO 2 savings each reused laptop generates. But how environmentally friendly are the daily actions of our employees? 5th of June is World Environment Day and therefore an important day...

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3 Step IT Oy Managing Director Marko Tarkiainen to leave the company

17 May 2019

3 Step IT Oy Managing Director of Finland and the Baltics Marko Tarkiainen has decided to step down from his post and leave the company by the end of May 2019. Acting as interim MD will be 3 Step IT Group CFO Jari Lemmilä. Marko Tarkiainen started the post of Managing Director of 3 Step IT Finland...

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Still one of Finland's most inspiring companies in the circular economy

15 May 2019

We have been placed on the list of the most interesting companies of the circular economy , compiled by the Finnish Innovation Fund, Sitra, for the fourth time. By bringing forward the most inspiring business examples of the circular economy, Sitra aims to challenge Finnish companies to innovate...

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Director’s Cut: slash your TCO by optimising IT device management

06 May 2019

Did you know that employees spend an average of 22 minutes a day dealing with technology-related issues? That adds up to around two weeks of working time every year where employees aren’t being productive . Can you imagine the amount of revenue businesses are missing out on as a result? S low, old...

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