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3 Step IT was founded in Finland in 1997 to help its clients to plan and manage a regular refresh of PCs and laptops. With this as our focus for over twenty years, we have become experts in the IT asset management business. We complement leasing and financing with IT lifecycle solutions.

Our solutions help our customers manage IT devices more effectively. As a result, they can get more out of their budget. Our customers stay with us for repeated refresh cycles, which has been the foundation for our growth.

We currently manage 1.9 million assets for our customers. They include PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Our core business is to offer our clients a cost-effective and complete lifecycle service for IT devices. We help them acquire, manage, sustainably renew and responsibly dispose of IT assets. As a result, we are a large reseller of refurbished technology, selling over 372,000 devices in 2017.

Organisations seeking more efficient models of operation choose 3 Step IT. They see the solutions we provide add value over and above a leasing arrangement; and our customer partnerships endure.

Our worldwide subsidiaries are in Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Norway, Singapore, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Change is the only constant in the digital era. Now the Internet of Things will increase devices in use by at least a factor of ten. Electronic waste could be the next environmental catastrophe.

Effective device management through its lifecycle becomes even more important. And as these new devices become obsolescent, a sustainable approach to their use and reuse is critical for a healthy planet.


Our passions for the business

Vision, mission,
values and strategy

Originally our vision was to offer financing designed to support IT lifecycle management. We also wanted to enable regular technology refresh to happen in a more sustainable way. We saw that these fit naturally together:

  • An operating lease makes the substantial investment in PCs and laptops affordable.
  • An end-of-life process that seeks device return for refurbishing and resale provides the residual value.
  • The optimal life to manage TCO (total cost of ownership) sets the planned lease period.

The light-bulb moment came when we saw that 3 Step IT could sell optimal lifecycle financing for IT with a leasing approach that intended end-of-lease devices to be returned for re-use. We could avoid the conventional leasing company approach that pushes assets into a secondary lease period – usually it is profitable for the leasing company, but may be costly for their customers.

After 20 years of continually raising the standard of IT lifecycle management, we are on a mission to enable the most advanced IT lifecycle management with the highest possible customer satisfaction. This allows our clients to get more our of their IT budget and to focus their IT department on innovation.

Our strategy had been delivered through continual incremental digital innovation in our asset management service since we first offered IT lifecycle leasing. We use asset management as a foundation for new digital services. These allow clients to improve IT administration, to monitor IT health, and to turn device replacement from a source of user irritation into a positive experience.

Digital innovation provides an even more complete lifecycle management solution. It also provides partnership opportunities within our current and new markets.

Alongside innovation sits sustainability. Our values were shaped in Nordic origins. Sustainable asset recovery delivers business value and attractive lease rates for our clients. Sustainability is integral to our business model and our business ethos.

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