GDPR building blocks:

“Explain Like I’m Five” with three data experts.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) might seem scaring to people but it was built to protect us. GDPR is there to help to implement mandatory systems properly. It can save you money, your mental health, clean the clutter, and improve your bottom line in the GDPR frame work process.

Our 45 minutes Webinar provides a high-level guideline to address the challenges GDPR poses. Don't put your organization at risk – make sure you get a head start. Don't have time to watch the webinar? Get a 2-page summary. 

  • Kim von Arx, a data privacy expert from d8amatics will break down the fundamentals of GDPR and explain the importance of data inventory in the GDPR process.
  • Fredrik Forslund, a vice president of Blancco and an expert in data erasure, will introduce us to GDPR’s “Right to Erasure” requirement.
  • Finally, Sam Merwah from 3 Step IT will explain how we can maintain control through the IT lifecycle management process.