3 Step IT acquires TEC Finance


3 Step IT acquires TEC Finance

3 Step IT Sweden AB, the leading Swedish company in sustainable IT leasing, acquires TEC Finance Sweden AB together with its subsidiaries. The aim of the structural deal is to further strengthen 3 Step IT’s presence in the Swedish market and enhance the range of services it offers. No purchase price has been disclosed. 3 Step IT’s strategy is to grow both organically and through acquisitions. The purchase of TEC Finance means that 3 Step IT increases both its capacity and the value it offers clients and partners. Included in the purchase contract is also Eurovironment AB, which among other things also offers a professional and effective handling of pre-configuration and the roll-out of new equipment.

Both TEC Finance and Eurovironment and their subsidiaries will be integrated in the activities of 3 Step IT. – ”For us, the deal means that we immediately acquire new skills and additional capacity for 3 Step IT and we will thereby be able to create new services and offers for our clients”, says Peter Onstrand, CEO of 3 Step IT Sweden AB. “This is an integral element of our growth strategy and we welcome all TEC Finance employees to 3 Step IT”. – “This is the natural step for TEC Finance after our journey of expansion since our beginnings in 2007. By means of 3 Step IT’s size, geographical proliferation, know-how, and Asset system we will get the tools that strengthen our competitiveness and what we offer our clients even further. The entire organization is full of expectations about the aggressive bet on the future that 3 Step IT now makes and we look forward to becoming a part of 3 Step IT’s organization with all the possibilities and challenges that the market contains”, says Eric Aicardi, CEO of TEC Finance Sweden AB. The acquisition supports 3 Step IT Group’s ambitious growth strategy.

After achieving record revenue in 2014, the company has acquired a growing Finnish IT services company Nevtor in June this year. For 3 Step IT’s customers, the acquisitions mean that the company can provide them with an even more comprehensive IT acquisition and asset management offering, including purchasing, management and environmentally friendly asset renewal services. For further information, please contact:

Carmen Ene
CEO, 3 Step IT
tel. + 358 50 543 2222

Peter Onstrand
Country Manager, 3 Step IT Sweden AB 
tel. +46 733 94 11 77

3Step IT Group 3 Step IT is a services company that specializes in IT management and leasing. The service consists of leasing, real-time administration, as well as efficient and environmentally friendly replacement of IT equipment. Customer support is provided by the 3 Step IT service team along with an asset registry producing diverse information. 3 Step IT was founded in Finland in 1997 and the company has been growing strongly and profitably since the beginning. The company currently has subsidiaries in 11 countries, including UK, the Nordics, the Baltics and countries in Southeast Asia. 3 Step IT’s revenue in 2014 was € 503 million, and following the acquisition, 3 Step IT employs a total of 360 people. www.3stepit.com TEC Finance Group TEC Finance is a privately-owned company that was founded in Sweden in 2007, specializing in IT financing, Telecom and High-tech. In Sweden, TEC Finance is based in Stockholm and Linköping, all administrative and back-office operations being handled through our Linköping office. TEC Finance is also represented through its subsidiary Eurovironment in Gothenburg and Enköping, where all the back-end and front-end logistics of IT equipment are handled. The TEC Finance group has circa 45 employees altogether. In 2014, the TEC Finance Group (including its subsidiaries and associates) had a total turnover of approximately 634 million SEK. Our total number of contracts includes contracts entered into with more than 700 unique customers. Please read more about us on www.tecfinance.se