DSV Road Oy

The DSV Group is a leading European transport and logistics company that provides global road, air, sea and train transport services. It operates in Finland as DSV Road Oy.

DSV Road was seeking balance sheet optimisation when it first became a 3 Step IT customer in 2003. Their finance team wanted to use a leasing service to reduce fixed asset investments in IT equipment. While planning and managing budgets remains important, the way they use 3 Step IT services has evolved. Today, information about every IT device is stored in our asset register: when it was acquired, where it is used, how much it costs and when it should be replaced. Now the greatest benefits flow from a lifecycle service that helps them to manage equipment in a proactive way: to forecast, plan and manage device replacement efficiently and effectively, so their users throughout the organisation experience a better IT service. IT lifecycle management has also led to better user experience: nobody needs to work with an obsolete device any more.

DSV Road uses the 3 Step IT asset tool to manage thousands of technology assets. The scope includes individual devices: PCs, laptops and mobile phones; IT infrastructure: servers, networking hubs, switches and wireless access points; and distributed devices like barcode readers, scanners, and printers - almost anything that runs on electricity.

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