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3FindIT automates many
IT administration tasks

Our IT lifecycle management solution gives you the tools to manage your devices from planning their installation, to eventual removal and replacement. 3FindIT takes asset management further: it helps the IT team manage devices while they are being used.

The 3FindIT profiler interrogates the entire network to discover & record information about all PCs, laptops, printers and software.

3FindIT gives your IT support team more information and control:

  • Set the automated schedule to run an interrogation weekly, monthly, or even hourly as a background task.
  • Get a detailed description of the device and its user with each new profile.
  • Provide the details of the software running on each machine.
  • Look at the serial number to know what is leased, and what is not.

The service adds detail to the information in the 3 Step IT asset register. As it runs regularly,

  • details of all the devices on your network will be complete and up-to-date, and
  • you can check for missing assets from your network.

Ease IT administration and support tasks

Keep your device information
current, accurate and detailed with 3FindIT

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In summary, 3FindIT: 

  • Provides a comprehensive, detailed, up-to-date asset register with no administrative effort.
  • Simplifies planning for software upgrades, fixes and major changes.
  • Asset matching highlights devices where the users have changed, to allocate charges to the correct cost center and improve security.
  • Alerts show devices that have not been seen on the network for a specified period of time. This helps identify possible lost or stolen devices to improve controls and data security.
  • Reveals unused devices to reallocate them and reduce costs.
  • Assures compliance by checking security software is installed, with fixes up-to-date, and report rogue software.

Automating the knowledge base for IT administration gives your IT team more time to focus on delivering projects, and adding value. Doing work that makes a difference.

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