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20 years ago, we started technology financing for PCs, when it was a new requirement. The large number of IT devices being part of the challenge lead us to develop AssetNG. The march of technology made regular refresh a requirement: doing it sustainably was simply the responsible approach.

These challenges and requirements apply to many technology assets:

  • so many smartphones with sensitive data security concerns
  • servers typically have a 3-5 year lifecycle
  • storage moves through a hierarchy and eventually needs to be wiped clean
  • 3D printers evolve fast, and it is best to lease depreciating assets

The Internet of Things brings another order of magnitude to the quanitites involved. Asset tracking, management and replacement are going to be persistent IT needs.

This is how our solutions apply across the technology spectrum:


Leasing & financing

Asset management




Sustainable replacement

Buying used

Windows PCs & laptops
Apple OS X PCs & laptops    
Storage products      
Other IT products      
Transition to IT lifecycle as a service

3 Step IT solutions can help acquire, manage & replace most technology

Leasing helps acquire technology when you need it, rather than when your budget or cash flow dictates. IT assets need to be managed and if portable, they need to be tracked as well. And eventually PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, servers, etc. need to be replaced, and then security is a challenge, and sustainability is desirable. 

Think about using our services for much more than devices:

  • Make your whole IT budget go further.
  • Solve the tech-disposal security challenge.
  • Do sale and lease back to cash in.
  • Sell used equipment to extract value.
  • Use our remarketing service to meet your sustainability goals.

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