IT Asset Management Platform

Our platform covers your assets from start to finish, giving you everything you need for faster, smarter, and more secure decision-making.

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Powerful data at your fingertips

Our platform is easily-customisable to suit your preferences and specific business goals.

Everything you need, in one place

Our platform is purpose-designed to support your acquisition, management and end-of-life disposal and refresh of devices

Full visibility and control

Each device can be tracked easily across each and every stage throughout its lifecycle

Data and insights

Through the platform you can see where every device is, as well as valuable data about its operation

Timely reminders

Receive notifications in good time to support you in making smart and speedy decisions

Add-on extensions

Enrich your live data and open up even more possibilities with a choice of add-on extensions


Market leading platform

We know that you need the latest data to make the right decisions. Which is what our market-leading platform provides you with ease, and with built-in advanced user permissions. It supports more than ten languages and adapts as your business needs. It allows you to:

Simplify equipment acquisition

You're firmly in control of the procurement process and can confirm delivery of any device via the platform.


Comprehensive Asset Register

Choose to view technical and financial data at a high level, or deep dive into an area of specific interest. You can group data by function, add custom fields and export for further analysis.


Built-in data visualisation

Our dashboard allows you to access several standard reports, create bespoke reports focused on specific metrics, or pull off visual representations of your data for compelling management updates.


Financial know-how

You can manage your costs, view invoices, allocate recharges, and know your obligations right down to a device level. And you can gain valuable insights into future rental liabilities and costs per device or per department.


End of lease

At the end of your contract term see all your options in one place. Plus access a range of reports from erasure to environment.

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Enhancements to our platform

Whilst our core asset management platform is comprehensive and robust, we know that some customers require additional, more bespoke support, and so we’ve designed a selection of add-on digital services.


Collect device data and automatically sync it, track and highlight changes in user and location, and spot inactive, missing or unknown devices.


Actively monitor device performance and make smart decisions based on real-time diagnostics and usage insights.


Through our API seamlessly integrate our asset management platform to your systems, automating data transfer, and aggregating it all into one place, in real time.


Digitise and simplify the IT renewal process, allowing your employees to choose their own replacement devices from a list of approved models.


Platform deep dive

Download our comprehensive Platform Guide to learn more about how we can help solve the core challenges you’re facing right now.


In their own words

Happy customers

The asset management tool is a great help to us. The automated processes such as the invoicing that goes directly into the system, to the fact that upon return there is a complete list of what is to be returned means that we only need to handle what we really need, no more. The tool gives us control and allows us to avoid manual inventory of the equipment.

Service Desk Manager

The asset platform has given us an overview of what equipment we have, who uses it and when to replace it. What was previously managed in an Excel sheet is now automated so we can access the latest information on our devices at any time.

Jesper Smedegaard Bertelsen
Head of IT Service Desk at Nobia

We are informed in advance every time we replace a device, and we can plan the moment when the actual replacement happens.

Minna Uschanoff
Head of Finance and Development at City of Valkeakoski

Innovative platform

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