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What’s my password again?

After one of the hottest summers on record, it’s back to school for kids and parents alike – the academic year is starting and offices are reopening after their summer breaks. If you’re off to a sticky start and feel like it’s taking you an unusually long time to reboot, rest assured you’re not...

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Overshooting Earth's resources

This year Earth Overshoot Day falls on August 1. It is one day earlier than last year and two weeks earlier than 10 years ago. Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when we (all of humanity) have used more from nature than our planet can renew in the entire year. At the moment we are using 1.7 Earths...

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Can consuming more help cut costs – and emissions?

We’re often told to combat our disposable culture by buying less, buying only what we need and then using our possessions until they’re fully worn and torn. Though sound advice in principle, when it comes to IT equipment, the key to sustainable consumption lies in finding the optimal – not maximum...

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Don’t be careless about security during your holiday

Quarterly reports, campaigns, start-up meetings, training new co-workers and planning for H2. The spring can be an intense time of year, no matter what department you belong to. The holidays should, therefore, be a time when you can relax, in double measure. Pictures at important presentations that...

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Sustainability at the heart of customer service

3 Step IT Sustainability report in brief 3 Step IT CEO Carmen Ene and Senior consultant Marjo Hietapuro (EY) discussed our new sustainability report in June. Listen to the recording and learn about what sparked our first report and how it benefits our customers and partners. “We don’t only deliver...

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Newsletter 6/2018

Security: It’s never just data Data is never just data. It’s sales opportunities, passwords and unique designs. It’s precious ideas, documentation and valuable contacts. You wouldn’t want any of this end up in the wrong hands, would you? Still, 78% of used, resold, or refurbished hard disk drives...

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Safe reuse at the core of 3 Step IT

For 3 Step IT and our customers, security is everything. From the moment the items leave the customer’s hands until we have processed it, security is the highest priority. This is why our facilities get security classifications with employees undergoing both rigorous security exercises and...

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Technology - turning on untapped potential

"Finger to his forehead my father would tell me 'they can never take away what is in here'.'' Growing up in Bucharest, these were words my parents instilled in me. They were confident that investments in learning would help carry me through hardship - and though any child hates to admit it, my...

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Stepping up for World Environment Day

On June 5th the world is celebrating the preservation of its unique environment. At 3 Step IT we will participate in this day by doing our share. World Environment Day is the UN's most important day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment. Since it began...

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How proper IT hardware disposal boosts data security

According to the 2018 State of IT report from Spiceworks , nearly half (44%) of companies expect to see a rise in IT budgets this year, while 43% predict they will remain the same as in 2017. Comparing this data to previous IT spend trends, TechRepublic believes we have entered an IT hardware...

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