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3 Step IT Wins ‘Brilliance in Environmental & Corporate Sustainability’ award

On Friday 7th December 3 Step IT added its second award of the last month to its collection, picking up the prize for ‘Brilliance in Environmental & Corporate Sustainability’ at the 2018 Business Brilliance Awards in London. This accolade arrives shortly after 3 Step IT picked up the ‘...

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Rage Against The Machine: how bad tech hits business efficiency

Computer technology is one of the greatest and most revolutionary recent developments. So why does it so often cause anger and irritation? It’s a question I often ask myself. As a matter of fact, I asked at least once when writing this blog. It comes down to a couple of reasons, the first being...

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Data and sustainability - the perfect partners

In November at the LeasingLife Conference in Tallinn 3 Step IT was proud to receive the Sustainability award for the second successive year. The Sustainability award is a recognition that sustainability, and the circular economy, is at the heart of our business model. Earlier in the year we also...

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3 Step IT earns Sustainability award for the second consecutive year

3 Step IT has won ‘Sustainability of the Year’ for the second year in a row at the 2018 Leasing Life Conference & Awards ceremony in Tallinn, Estonia. Carmen Ene , CEO of 3 Step IT commented on the win: “We are very proud to have been recognised for our commitment to sustainability again this...

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Ancient History: the hidden costs of ageing devices

Remember Gangnam Style ? The crazy dance that took the world by storm, and was the first video on YouTube to be viewed a billion times? Feels like a long time ago, doesn’t it? Believe it or not, it was only six years ago. Back in 2012, we were watching Korean sensation Psy do his thing on what was...

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Don’t sweat it – Has Apple got it right?

At the launch of the latest iPhone XS, Apple’s VP Lisa Jackson made headlines by saying that the best thing you can do for the environment is not buy the new iPhone, but hold on to your old device for as long as possible. Jackson was, of course, on the right tracks. Each year the electronics...

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My new world

Before I started working for 3 Step IT, I lived a very wasteful life in all forms. My meat consumption found no limits. Eating meat for 5 days in a row wasn’t something strange. Beans and root crops instead of meat? Are you crazy? Definitely no. Instead of repairing things, it was easier and more...

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Keeping technological globetrotters in the loop

Did you know that your device might visit tens if not hundreds of countries during its lifetime, despite only surviving to the age of four? The prospect of a circular economy seems to be gaining ground. On a global scale, there have been significant advances towards closing the loop – countries and...

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Cycling for saves?

Why should you cycle to work, when driving takes you only a half an hour? Four factors that make driving to work dangerous Finland has the world’s cleanest air , according to World Health Organisation. Still, every year I feel devastated by the polluted dust clouds caused by car traffic during...

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Walk the Talk

We see it in our everyday lives, on the news, in the papers and on ¨the social media. The practises human race built over time, manufacturing new products and developing our world of consumption have resulted in a dying planet. The culture and habits of the planet’s people have such a dramatic...

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