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Discover how you can make a positive difference with sustainable Technology Lifecycle Management. Calculate your CO2e and e-waste avoidance below.

Going green

IT asset management for the sustainable business

Every IT solution must maximise efficiency, simplicity and cost-effectiveness. But the best businesses, like yours, want more.


You want access to the latest technology, while minimising your impact on the environment

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You want to be part of the solution to climate change, not part of the problem

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You want to reduce CO2 emissions and eliminate electronic waste

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You want the greenest, most sustainable IT asset management solution there is - one that’s better for your business and better for the planet

Sustainable IT calculator

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We'll calculate the positive impact you could achieve with our Technology Lifecycle Management solution.


Carbon and e-waste avoidance explained

Organisations of all sizes can make a positive impact by adopting Technology Lifecycle Management. Check out how many times you could fly to the moon and back on your carbon avoidance.

Green Office
100 employees
Green Earth

Average CO2e avoidance is equivalent to flying from the North to South Pole 15 times

Green Bin

Average e-waste avoidance is equivalent throwing away 130,344 plastic pens

Blue Office
250 employees
Blue Earth

Average CO2e avoidance is equivalent to flying around the world 11 times

Blue Bin

Average e-waste avoidance is equivalent to throwing away 57,111 coffee cups

Orange Office
800 employees
Orange Earth

Average CO2e avoidance is equivalent to flying to the moon and back, twice

Orange Bin

Average e-waste avoidance is equivalent to throwing away 419 office chairs

By choosing Technology Lifecycle Management, we like to say you’re saving the planet one device at a time.

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*The source data for these calculations comes from our refurbishing centres, where we processed over 530 000 devices in 2020. We calculate CO2 avoidance by measuring the median CO2 emissions per product group. We base this on manufacturer data for the most popular devices we process within each product group. The e-waste avoidance calculation is based on the weight of each product group. We use the median weight of the most popular models we process in each group. Our customers receive a detailed environmental report for each device batch returned to us.



100 employee businesses have 50 laptops, 50 desktops, 50 monitors and 30 smartphones that potential equates to 38,550 CO2e and 756kg e-waste.

250 employee businesses have 200 laptops, 50 desktops, 50 monitors, 150 smartphones and 50 tablets that potential equates to 79,700 CO2e and 1,028kg e-waste.

800 employee businesses have 600 laptops, 200 desktops, 200 monitors, 400 smartphones and 200 tablets that potential equates to 270,000 CO2e and 3,774kg e-waste.