Step 2: Manage IT

Improve productivity and reduce IT risk, with ease. Our IT Asset Management Platform provides a centralised view of every IT asset, and all the answers you need, in one place.


Track and manage all your devices

Our Technology Lifecycle Management solution is designed to save you hours of repetitive and laborious work, and to give you complete visibility of every device, all at your fingertips.

Centralised view

Our asset management platform allows you to track and manage every IT device, from a single dynamic dashboard

Instant insights

Know exactly where each of your devices are, and who’s using them

Ease of use

A simple user interface that allows you to review data easily and take action when necessary

Data outputs

Search and filter your data exactly as you need, and produce compelling reports with a single click

Digital services

For real-time network and device insights as well as seamless integration with your systems, we have a suite of add-on services


IT Asset Management Platform

Our powerful asset platform gives you everything you need for faster and smarter decision-making. Completely secure and designed around you, it covers your IT assets from start to finish and allows you complete oversight of every device.

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Advanced asset management at your fingertips

In addition to our core IT Asset Management Platform, customers can also access a suite of add-on digital services when an additional layer of convenience and analytics is needed. These modules scan your network to gather device data which is then fed straight in to the asset register. For customers with mature in-house systems, we also offer API services.


Collect device data and automatically sync with the asset register. The admin team is notified when changes to device user and location is spotted or if a device is inactive, missing or unidentified.


Actively monitor device performance and make smart decisions based on real-time diagnostics and usage insights, minimising device downtime and user disruption.


Our API seamlessly integrates our asset management platform with your in-house systems, automating data transfer and aggregating it all into one system, in real time.


Total lifecycle management

We’re driven to empower you, to free you from administration headaches, to take away nasty surprises, and to make tracking and reporting on every asset completely straightforward.


No nasty surprises

Because you have real-time information on each and every IT asset, any issues with device performance, security or compliance will be flagged in good time for you to respond.



Gone are the days when you have to maintain different applications and data sources. Our solution brings every aspect of the IT lifecycle under one roof, saving you money and giving back valuable hours to your team.


Complete visibility and insight

See everything you need to be able to make powerful decisions around upgrades, changes, and additions, right down to an individual device level.


Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Put simply, our platform eliminates complexity in your IT environment. You get access to our core platform with all of its advanced capabilities - at no additional cost - allowing you to retire standalone systems.

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