How to streamline your IT operations

- June 21, 2023

Traditional IT asset management is complex and time consuming because it relies on too many external providers, IT platforms and financial systems. The IT managers we speak to are tired of chasing multiple suppliers, switching between systems that aren’t compatible and managing complex budgets and inventories.


In the past IT solutions were designed to be really good at addressing one of your business needs. That was fine then, but now businesses are more sophisticated and excelling in one area alone just isn’t enough. 


We don’t think you should have to waste your time with IT asset management solutions that leave you short. So, we do things differently. 


Our Technology Lifecycle Management service covers the entire IT asset lifecycle. It’s a one-stop shop for greater simplicity, flexibility and efficiency.  


We support our customers from acquisition to management to sustainable IT asset disposal as part of one simple, efficient solution. Acquire your IT with us and benefit from a range of additional services for free, including our powerful IT asset management platform, secure and sustainable IT asset disposal and fully automated renewal. 


Step 1 – Acquire 


Access the latest technology when you need it, without dealing with tiresome banks, leasing companies and manufacturers. We’ll secure a line of credit on your behalf, with one of our trusted funding partners and you’re free to independently source your new IT equipment from your preferred suppliers. It’s IT procurement made easy. 


Step 2 – Manage 


Our IT asset management platform comes free with our service.  We provide a device audit log, API integration and inventory management all in one place, plus full technical and financial reporting capabilities. Ask yourself, how many services could you streamline into this one simple solution? 


Step 3 – Refresh 


We also take responsibility for the full IT asset disposal process. We automate renewal notifications and securely collect and transport your devices ourselves. At our refurbishing centres, each device undergoes a certified data erasure process. You receive a complete audit trail for each device and an environmental report, measuring your carbon and e-waste avoidance, so you can track your device security and your positive environmental impact. 


We know your time is precious, so we’ve simplified every stage of the IT asset lifecycle into one efficient service. Technology Lifecycle Management is a fast track to better business performance, without the hassle of multiple suppliers and systems.  


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