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- June 21, 2023

Digital Equality: 3stepIT provides refurbished technology for children in HelloWorld programmes


Technology has become a crucial and fixed part of our lives; it has revolutionised how we communicate and gain knowledge of the world, and it has helped businesses and societies thrive.


However, even though many children grow up with a mobile device in their homes, access to the latest technology or support to develop future-proof digital skills is still not accessible to everyone. For instance, a recent EU report shows that in Sweden, only 26% of the population in rural areas has above-basic overall digital skills. At the same time, in cities, the figure was almost double (43%).


Irrespective of where people live, today, digital competence has become a prerequisite for many job positions, as 70% of businesses report that skills shortage prevents them from keeping up with change.


That’s why the non-profit organisation “Hello World” has launched a free after-school programme offering children the opportunity to explore the world of web design, coding, and game development. To tackle digital inequality and the clear gender gap in tech, the programme focuses on ensuring social inclusion and gender diversity.


Maria Arneng, Secretary General at Hello World said: “It is not only the future skills shortage that is alarming but also the lack of equal opportunities in the tech sector. Statistics show only about 20% of software and system developers in Sweden are female and that those who have two parents with a university education are almost twice as likely to have a university degree (62 per cent) themselves. At Hello World, we believe every child should be able to access technology and learn how to use it – irrespective of their gender or background. That’s why all of our activities are free of charge and arranged in easily accessible locations like libraries, schools, and leisure centres”.


3stepIT provides refurbished computers for the programme, a more environmentally-friendly solution enabling the volunteer to lower expenses associated with setting up the courses. The after-school programme was piloted during autumn 2022 with 500 computers used to support essential digital education. Now the organisers plan to scale it up to reach even more young people, both those with an interest in tech, but also those who haven’t had the opportunity to get interested in it yet.


The long-lived partnership between Hello World and 3stepIT was first tested on the ground at the “Hello World! Camp”, which welcomes thousands of kids from all over Sweden each summer. The fun and educational camps required digital devices to provide participants the right tools to support their learning – and 3stepIT was happy to step in and donate the assets.


"At 3stepIT, we are passionate about sustainability and equality, and we believe everyone should have access to the same learning opportunities. Our collaboration with Hello World enables us to be involved with the community and contribute to giving children and young people access to digital knowledge and experiences. At the same time, by donating refurbished devices, we can also highlight the importance of giving technology a second life whenever possible. I believe that, by having a circular mindset, we can all work together towards a more sustainable world", said Jakob Lagander, Country Manager at 3stepIT Sweden.



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