Size matters - New tech solution revolutionises storage capacity at 3stepIT refurbishment centre on a reduced footprint.

- August 31, 2023

Growth should drive innovation, not consumption - a statement our teams live by at the 3stepIT refurbishment centres across the Nordics, where more than 700,000 devices are processed every year, volumes keep increasing every month, and space is at a premium.



That’s why, to answer the huge customer demand for more secure and sustainable refurbished devices, the team went to explore solutions that would free up capacity to focus on production.


As strong believers in the power of tech to deliver sustainable growth and efficiency, they wanted to find a way to use less space to store laptops before and after the refurbishment process. The latest innovation is a high-tech solution designed to increase not just storage capacity, but also efficiency: The TORNADO Automated Vertical Storage Machine, which was installed in our centre in Växjö, Sweden.


The ultra-fast, virtually noiseless, computer-controlled storage and transfer lift system is designed to maximise storage on the smallest possible footprint. Effectively a “laptop library”, the technology has the capacity to store 17,000 laptops at a time, can boost handling efficiency by up to 65% and increase floor space capacity by up to 70%. 


The TORNADO also boasts up to 99.9% stock-picking accuracy, meaning the team can work more efficiently and focus on delivering operational excellence. The team has reported reduced waiting and search times, as well as fewer errors, making it a highly efficient and energy-saving solution. 



Jonas Rosqvist, Chief Remarketing Officer, said: “Companies are prone to compete on who has the largest facilities - big means successful. That's not the case for us: we want to have the smallest footprint possible and use our sites to their greatest potential. 


“As we prepare our centres for future production volumes, we’re always challenging ourselves to use the square metres we have better and more efficiently. 


"We believe decoupling our growth from our consumption is the only way to successfully transition to a lower carbon economy, which is a non-negotiable for our company – and should be the same for others. 


"We’re planning to launch a range of innovations, like the TORNADO, that lower our impact, bring innovation to the forefront of our work, and deliver cleaner, more efficient operational outcomes.”


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