How to keep pace with digital transformation

- November 25, 2021

The pandemic sparked a digital revolution. Tech innovation and device proliferation are now driving IT procurement.


Businesses are under pressure. Pressure to access the best digital tools while delivering more return on IT investment. To enable a productive hybrid workforce but keep costs low. To buy more enterprise technology than ever before, but to do so sustainably.


Our research shows that 81% of businesses made more device purchases to accommodate remote working and it’s not over yet. The number of devices operated by the average employee is rising - up 14% on pre-pandemic levels.


Swathes of new mobile technology is entering the workplace and IT procurement managers are juggling the demand for new hardware with managing legacy devices. 21% of businesses are still running laptops for more than five years, well past their optimum use-by date. And just over a third (35%) of organisations ‘fully agree’ their employees always have access to the best devices.


So despite these IT procurement challenges this era of digital transformation also represents a great opportunity for businesses to ensure their people have the best digital tools for the job.


We know IT procurement can be costly. For many, traditional cash ownership is holding progress back, as massive upfront capital expenditure threatens to drain company reserves.


So, how can businesses keep pace with change, keep costs low and access the tools to their teams need to collaborate and work productively? The answer is Technology Lifecycle Management.


Technology Lifecycle Management is a solution that allows you to rapidly execute your technology roadmap sustainably, optimise budgets and conserve cash. More importantly, it’s a fast track to better business performance, facilitated through great IT.


With Technology Lifecycle Management, instead of buying equipment outright, IT procurement typically occurs on a rolling three-year basis which is widely considered to be the optimum usage period for IT devices. with a key feature of Technology Lifecycle Management is highly competitive pricing that reflects the end-of-life residual value of each device. At the end of the three-year period, devices are refreshed with models that suit the evolving needs of your workforce.


Our service provides access to latest technology, when you need it, without the costly outlay. So, at time a time when access to mobile technology is so crucial to business success, we believe it’s time to Stop Buying IT and start applying a more flexible approach to IT procurement.


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