Is cash ownership of IT holding your business back?

- December 16, 2021

In a recent research report on the state of enterprise IT we revealed how traditional models of IT procurement, including cash purchase and outright ownership, are holding back progress for European businesses.


With 77% of businesses already leasing cars and other assets and subscriptions services on the rise, it is clear organisations aren’t opposed to alternative ownership models. Yet we found only 15% acquire laptops through flexible finance.


The nature of IT acquisition and management has changed. In the past, all you needed to know was how much new devices would cost, what the specifications were, and whether they could get a bulk discount. But, like many things, this is now more complicated than it used to be.


A more flexible approach to IT acquisition, like Technology Lifecycle Management, can reap many rewards for businesses, including better cash flow, greater flexibility and improved data security. Here, we debunk some common myths about using an OPEX model to acquire your IT.


It’s too expensive

Instead of a large, upfront capital outlay, our customers make a smaller, periodic payment that stretches limited IT budgets further, with the option of benefiting from a range of added services, such consultancy, installation, configuration and maintenance. In addition, our powerful IT asset management platform offers complete visibility and control of every device through one centralised dashboard and we take responsibility for securely managing end-of-life devices out of your business, so you don’t have to.


It lacks flexibility

Purchasing IT outright doesn’t allow for rapid changes in your business needs. With Technology Lifecycle Management, you can access the latest IT when you need it, choosing to upgrade all or part of your fleet as it suits you. Because we are supplier independent, you can choose from any make or model. At the end of contract, we simplify the renewal process to ensure a seamless switch to new devices. We keep prices low because we’re experts at remarketing used IT, so we’re able to pass savings on to you.


It’s too complicated

Traditional IT asset management relies on multiple platforms and systems, increasing complexity, processing times and security risks. We support our customers through the entire IT asset lifecycle from acquisition to management to sustainable IT asset disposal as part of one simple and efficient service. Why waste your time with multiple solutions and supplier that leave you short? Our Technology Lifecycle Management solution is a one-stop-shop for greater simplicity and efficiency. 


It’s too time consuming

IT procurement can take up significant time and resource, which is ploughed into sourcing, invoicing and carrying out manual routine tasks. This is precious time that could be better spent on core business activity. Our service simplifies budgeting with predictable payments and a secure procurement process that allows you approve all new acquisitions before the contract starts. Plus, with our IT asset management platform, you can automate routine tasks like financial reporting and software upgrades.


Running assets until end-of-life is more efficient

Don’t get lumped with the hidden costs of IT ownership as devices age. Support, fixes, failure and recovery all represent lost value. With Technology Lifecycle Management, you can avoid the risks of rapidly depreciating assets. Our advanced IT asset management platform is included in your monthly payment, ensuring you have full visibility of all devices and can maintain performance and compliance for longer. And at contract end, you can upgrade while recouping value from old IT.


It’s safer in my control

Data security is a top concern for businesses, especially when it comes to IT asset disposal but in-house IT teams often lack the tools and processes of an IT asset disposal professional. We handle logistics and data security ourselves so you can have confidence you’re disposing of devices safely and sustainably. At our refurbishing centres, devices undergo a comprehensive, certified data erasure process and every device is tagged with a unique ID. We use best in class data sanitisation software to erase and overwrite data and an automatic data erasure report provides a complete audit trail. 


Cash ownership is more environmentally friendly

Adopting Technology Lifecycle Management for the acquisition of IT, kick-starts a more sustainable IT asset management process from the outset. By acquiring your IT devices through us, we take responsibility for the full IT asset lifecycle. When your devices reach the end-of-life stage, our team of IT asset disposal experts ensure they get a second life, reducing your carbon emissions and e-waste. We guarantee sustainable outcomes for our customers, reselling 98% of returned devices. 

Shifting away from traditional cash ownership towards a circular model of IT asset management is a big idea, but it really is a simple process.


Here’s how it works:


  1. You’ll meet with one of our experts who help you identify your pain points and understand your technology investment plans.
  2. 3stepIT will secure a credit line on your behalf, with one of our trusted funding partners.
  3. You are free to independently source your new IT equipment from your preferred suppliers.
  4. The equipment is delivered to you and the supplier invoices us directly.
  5. The payment schedule and contract are generated, with rental payments collected by our funding partner seamlessly.
  6. Repeat this process as often as necessary for maximum flexibility.


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