3stepIT awarded ‘Grade A’ in Ellen MacArthur Foundation circular economy assessment


3stepIT awarded in Ellen MacArthur Foundation circular economy assessment

3stepIT has been awarded almost perfect score (Grade A) by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Circulytics™ assessment in the company’s first ever rating for its circular economy progress.

Launched in January 2020, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Circulytics tool allows organisations to assess how they are progressing in its circular economy initiatives to deliver a company-level score. 

This score, alongside insights and analysis from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, helps businesses understand the extent of their success in adopting circular economy business opportunities, provides a ‘snapshot’ of the circularity of their service models, and highlights the most important development areas to concentrate on.

3stepIT’s circular economy business model helps businesses use IT more sustainably and ensures that devices at the end of their lifecycle are securely refurbished and reused. Each reused device displaces the manufacture of a new one, spreading the carbon impact across multiple users and eliminating electronic waste.

3stepIT handled half a million devices in 2019, finding new homes for 98% of returned devices and recycling the remaining 2%.

Commenting on the results, Carmen Ene, CEO at 3stepIT, said: “Reuse and refurbishment provides a sustainable alternative to managing technology that eliminates electronic waste and provides access to technology for those that need it most.

“The world is slowly waking up to the need for a more sustainable way of consuming technology, and we are focused on helping our customers progress towards a more circular way of doing business, while ensuring we walk the talk at 3stepIT.”