3stepIT Norway expands to new premises with a focus on sustainability 


3stepIT Norway expands to new premises with a focus on sustainability

APRIL 2021, OSLO, NORWAY: 3stepIT is growing and has collaborated with Höegh Eiendom, a green real estate development company, to open an environmentally conscious refurbishing centre in Ski, Norway.

The new facilities support our continuous growth – sustainably. We will be finding environmentally friendly solutions to completely renovate the 3,600 sqm premises for long-term use. We are already residents of Ski and are looking forward to making a further positive contribution to the area’s business park.

"We are very pleased with the green and future-oriented agreement with Höegh Eiendom. We look forward to contributing to the process of converting the warehouse building in Glynitveien into multi-function premises fit for our business." says Peer William Velde, Country Manager of 3stepIT Norway.

We share a passion for sustainable development with Höegh Eiendom and improving our facilities is an ongoing priority. The hands-on process to renovate and reuse this building gives us many opportunities for upgrades. For example, our current facilities in Ski are already powered by 100% green electricity and together with Höegh Eiendom, we have planned a large solar plant that will help us take a step further in our new location.

The renovated refurbishing centre is set to open in August of 2021 and is a crucial extension to our office in Oslo, which we also lease from Höegh Eiendom.

”It is very positive that 3stepIT wants to continue the good cooperation in both Oslo and Ski. The project we are going to carry out together is completely in line with our commitment to sustainability, where we want to develop the buildings we already have and adapt them to new functions." says Thea Martine Blyverket, Rental Manager at Höegh Eiendom.

Peer Velde, Country Manager of 3stepIT Norway and Thea Martine Blyverket, Rental Manager at Höegh Eiendom
Peer Velde, Country Manager of 3stepIT Norway and Thea Martine Blyverket, Rental Manager at Höegh Eiendom 

About 3stepIT

3stepIT is a Technology Lifecycle Management provider with an ambition to reduce e-waste and global emissions by helping businesses to consume technology more sustainably.

3stepIT offers an end-to-end approach to acquiring, managing and refreshing IT devices that is cost-efficient, convenient and environmentally friendly.

The company’s asset management platform provides IT and finance managers complete control and visibility of all IT devices to simplify budgeting, upkeep and renewal. AssetIQ® minimises IT security risks by providing real-time insights into device health, including information on anti-virus and protection software. A powerful reporting engine provides complete visibility of every asset by cost centre, product group and location.

The company, which serves more than 3,000 businesses worldwide, plays an active role in the circular economy by refurbishing and reselling end of life IT devices. In doing so, it prevents over half a million devices from being destroyed and sent to landfill each year.

Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, 3stepIT employs more than 400 people across 8 countries and operates refurbishing centres in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Singapore.

About Höegh Eiendom

We build cities and districts in Oslo, Ski and Moss with great enthusiasm and a long-term perspective. We do almost everything ourselves. We do this simply because we want to get as close to our tenants and home buyers as possible.

When it is natural, we work with partners who follow our philosophy. We are a family owned company and are proud of our long history. This commits us to deliver well.

In everything we do, we emphasize the environment and developing cities and buildings as good as possible. They create excitement for everyone working and living there. In our development projects, we challenge ourselves and our partners to think innovatively and future-oriented. We create vibrant places that excite!