Annual report celebrates a year of progress


Annual report celebrates a year of progress

3 Step IT celebrated its 20th birthday in 2017 with a record revenue, making solid progress towards its 2020 vision. Thanks to our customers, revenue grew 14%, and we exceeded 600M€. Within that total, 3 Step IT’s remarketing performed exceptionally, with production up 29% to 425,000 devices. Numbers which are all the more impressive in a technology leasing market which was reported to be sluggish or declining in Europe.

 Annual report 2017 cover


Taking steps towards the vision

2017 was the first year of delivery for 3 Step IT’s 2020 vision. Our business strategy takes into account the changes we see in our business environment, the weaknesses we need to remedy, and the strengths we have to exploit.

Innovation gives an edge

To compete in today’s fast moving markets and stay ahead of digital-ready startups we, like other companies, need new ways of working to improve efficiency and maintain our competitive edge. While delivering change can be challenging, 3 Step IT starts with the advantage of an enthusiastic employee culture. 88% of our employees rate as a great place to work. This helps to make us ready to embrace change.

Seeking innovations to build our competitive advantage, we involved the whole 3 Step IT employee team to join an ‘innovation race’, the projects they proposed will become new services in 2018.

Advancing sustainable IT

Society is daily becoming more concerned with how waste is handled. Up to now sustainability has been seen as ‘nice to have’, perhaps a purchasing department would use sustainability credentials as a tie-breaker when awarding a tender to commercially similar bids. Now this is changing.  Invitations to tender increasingly make demonstrable sustainability a requisite. With the circular economy at the core of our business, our efforts promoting sustainable IT solutions are earning wider recognition for 3 Step IT and our sustainability credentials: winning the Leasing Life European Sustainability award was a particular highlight.

In 2017 3 Step IT commissioned its own sustainability report, which will follow the internationally accepted Global Reporting Initiative framework. Our sustainability report will be published separately in the spring of 2018.

What next?

In 2018 we will continue to extend and improve our life cycle services We publish the first of our 3ConnectIT Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in April. This enables clients to start to a collaborative, incremental, digitalisation journey, automating IT support activities. We will also continue our innovation race, keeping our customers in focus as we develop our services. There will be a lot more news to follow.

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