Best sustainable IT finance in Europe


Best sustainable IT finance in Europe

3 Step IT has been awarded for Best Sustainable IT Finance 2019 by CFI (Capital Finance International).  

Here is what the judges said, in their summary:

"Finnish company 3 Step IT has made sustainability the cornerstone of its enterprise, with every employee subscribing to the corporate ethos: what’s good for planet and people is good for business. The company offers clients a simple, sustainable, and cost-effective solution for managing their IT needs.

When it comes to technology, 3 Step IT believes access trumps ownership, and offers flexible tech-leasing agreements that enable businesses to acquire, manage, and refresh tech assets. The company operates a “circular economy” business model, and specialises in product life extension, refurbishing and reselling a remarkable 98% of devices returned. With cybercrime a constant threat, 3 Step IT digitally scrubs all returned devices to ensure certified deletion of all data before sending the refurbished and reformatted equipment to secondary markets. Annual output of refurbished units increased by 13% in 2018, giving new life to nearly 500,000 used devices.

The European Union reported around 640,000 tonnes of tech waste across the EU in 2015 alone – a potential time bomb of environmental contaminants. 3 Step IT considers the full lifecycle of technology, and has developed exclusive trading channels for refurbished equipment in countries with reliable e-waste collection and disposal programmes. With offices in 10 countries and two continents, 3 Step IT serves more than 4,000 cross-industry clients and manages around 2 million technology assets in total."

The judging panel first recognised the company for its agile asset management in 2016, and has been pleased to witness its eco-evolution. The judges unanimously declare 3 Step IT as winner of the 2019 award for Best Sustainable IT Finance (Europe).

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We at 3 Step IT are grateful for the recognition and will keep on working hard on our journey towards sustainability!