Quality, Environmental and Information Security Policy
for 3 Step IT™ Group and all its affiliates


Quality, Environmental and Information Security Policy

3 Step IT provides a comprehensive service for businesses and other organizations with high-volume IT needs, helping them to manage the financing, use and replacement of IT equipment in a clear, cost-effective and sustainable way.

Our approach to quality, the environment and information security is designed to win our customers trust and preference

We are committed to offering our customers products and services that not only meet their needs, but also are preferred and provide sound solutions. It is our intention to be a responsible and trustworthy partner in everything we do. We support the circular economy and in this endeavor, we hope to provide added value and help our customers to meet their own CSR goals.

Quality, the environment and information security have everyone’s commitment

Our Management takes the lead, sets objectives and demonstrates its commitment towards quality by practicing and living what they preach. All 3 Step IT functions along our value chain are responsible for observing mandatory principles, norms and instructions to maintain agreed quality standards and striving to improve them.
As part of our approach to assure information security, protect the environment and provide good quality services, we are committed to comply with all relevant laws and regulations and monitor their development. We regard these standards as minimum targets that we aim to exceed where practical.

We communicate our quality standards to our Business Partners who are expected to share a similar commitment to quality and to meet our requirements consistently.

We strive for zero defect and a sustainable approach to environmental and information security policies

We focus on facts and measure our results as we strive for zero defect and excellence. We measure our quality performance, as well as customer satisfaction in surveys and informally by listening to them. Shortcomings and mistakes are analysed and trigger an immediate action plan for correction and improvement. We regularly assess information security, environment and quality in our operations and we are committed to continual improvement.

Wherever we operate, we aim to be responsible and trustworthy in everything we do. Environmental, economic and social responsibility are foundations of our business model.

We will provide resources to implement all the above.