Single Sign-On available for 3 Step IT’s Asset NG


Single Sign-On available for 3 Step IT’s Asset NG

We are excited to announce that Single Sign-On (SSO) support is now available for 3 Step IT’s asset management system Asset NG. SSO will speed up access to Asset NG accounts by letting our customers sign in with their corporate credentials. Using our SSO means that end-users have one less password to keep track of. It also improves data security and reduces admin costs as user access is managed in one place.

Benefit from SSO

Traditionally, a user can access a system through a login process with authentication credentials (username and password). However, it can be inconvenient for users to remember another set of credentials, so they tend to use the same password for different applications which raises the risks of identity theft or fishing opportunities.

Instead of letting each application store credentials, companies can use a central identity service provider and allow third-party applications to securely authenticate users via SSO. This process is a more cost-efficient and secure way to manage user credentials. For example, deleting a user account in your Identity Provider (IdP) service will immediately block the user’s access to Asset NG without additional action in Asset NG’s user directory.

“Introducing SSO is just one of the developments we are launching this and next year. Our aim is to continuously refresh our systems based on customer needs. Innovative digital services are an opportunity for us to set an example in the leasing industry.” says Sari Leppänen, 3 Step IT's Chief Information Officer.

Implement 3 Step IT’s SSO

The SSO service is available for all 3 Step IT customers.

If you are interested in the service, please ask your local 3 Step IT contact or get in touch with us here >>>