Sustainability report 2018:

A path of continuous improvement


Sustainability report 2018

It is World Environment Day today. Its spirit of making it personal resonates with our own commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment, so we have released our latest annual Sustainability Report to coincide. In this report, we announce that in 2018, we successfully refurbished and resold more than 97% of devices returned at the end of the lease period and recycled the remaining 3% that were beyond economic repair. Our refurbishing team handled 478,463 devices in total, up 13% from 2017.   

Pursuing our sustainability ethos, we sold 95% of devices refurbished in Europe into European countries with an effective e-waste regulatory environment. Our remarketing process reused 6000kg of plastic as packaging material for units leaving our centres and opened a state-of-the-art refurbishing centre in Finland. 

Sustainability is about people, as well as the planet, so we include feedback from our annual employee survey in the report. There was an impressive overall employee satisfaction score of 4.08 out of 5, with remote and flexible work opportunities highlighted as some of the most important things to 3 Step IT employees. 92% of employees participated in the surveyup from 90% in 2017.  

Our hard work in sustainability has also been well received throughout the industry - we earned a ‘Highly Commended’ in The Circulars, organised by the World Economic Forum, won the ‘Most Sustainable’ award from Leasing Life, as well as the award for ‘Brilliance in Environmental and Corporate Sustainability’ at the Business Brilliance Awards 


There is much more in the report, and we are proud of the progress it demonstrates. That said, sustainability is a journey, so we are proud, but never satisfied. In the words of our CEO Carmen Ene: “It is not enough to just provide a service that helps others to become more sustainable. We must provide that service in an ever more sustainable way – as a customer, partner, employer or a consumer of resources.” 

Watch our CEO Carmen Ene discuss sustainability together with Jani Alenius from EY:

Get deeper insight to our sustainability work by reading the full report:

Sustainability Report

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