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Newsec Property Asset Management & Newsec Advisory

Newsec is a specialist company in the real estate sector, employing over 2000 experts across Northern Europe. It offers real estate owners, investors and tenants a full range of services within the areas of Property Asset Management and Advisory. 



Growing pains 

As Newsec grew and its workforce spread across the continent, the business realised it could benefit from support around funding and managing their IT suite. While desktop computers and WLAN controllers once suited its needs, it now needed to adapt and scale to ensure continued success.  


In Finland, staff headcount grew rapidly, from 120 employees to almost 600. That’s when Newsec and 3stepIT began their collaboration. In 2009, the two companies began working together to develop a more suitable IT procurement and management strategy, helping to lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) for each device.  


To do this, Newsec adopted 3stepIT’s Technology Lifecycle Management (TLM) service, where devices are leased on a three-year basis and managed to ensure they remain in great working order before being securely wiped and refurbished for another business to use. This lowered the amount the business would have to pay for each device if it purchased them outright.  


As a result, the once cumbersome and lengthy IT procurement process became vastly simplified, facilitating collaboration with local IT teams.  


Antti Huhta, Newsec’s Head of IT, said: “We have experienced a constant need for new laptops and 3stepIT has enabled us to deploy these assets smoothly and in an orderly manner. Expanding our relationship with 3stepIT has occurred comfortably in tandem with our own growth.” 


The service scaled seamlessly to accommodate all hardware requirements and boosting digital transformation within our business.” 


Better together  

11 years later, following success in Finland, Newsec extended its partnership with 3stepIT to cover Sweden, Norway and Denmark, centralising IT management across its subsidiaries.


With 3stepIT by its side, Newsec felt confident in its ability to support its growing workforce, continuing to rollout devices using the TLM service and continuing to achieve cost savings as a result. Deployment is now handled locally by the in-country IT teams, and everyone is on the same page surrounding the acquisition, management and refurbishment process, with continuous assistance from 3stepIT to keep their strategy on track.


Antti Huhta said, “The flexibility of 3stepIT’s service model was outstanding and an important addition to our strategy.”



A powerful asset management platform  

3stepIT’s IT asset management platform has been an important factor in the success of Newsec’s IT strategy, allowing the firm to maintain visibility and control over its IT estate. 


Antti Huhta said, “Thanks to 3stepIT’s asset management platform, hardware management and budgeting have become considerably easier for us.


It makes hardware management remarkably smooth and streamlined, and we’re able to deliver measurable business value.”



Onwards and upwards

Since working together with 3stepIT and embracing the TLM approach, Newsec has made a significantly reduced their Total Cost of IT Ownership and their e-waste.  


Being able to easily refresh aged laptops every three years by sending them to 3stepIT to be securely wiped with best-in-class data erasure software, and subsequently replacing them with better models, means Newsec’s approach to tech acquisition is not only environmentally-friendly, but simple.


With a partner it can trust and a clear plan to commit to, Newsec’s IT team has also been able to reclaim the valuable time that would’ve been spent exploring options for new equipment and trying to figure out a sustainable disposal method.


Antti Huhta said, “From our point of view, the twofold focus on security and sustainability of this approach is critical to our business. Without 3stepIT, we would need to take care of both matters which would be a huge task given the number of devices we operate!”


Looking to the future

Newsec’s partnership with 3stepIT is now running smoothly across all Nordic countries. The much-simplified, much more sustainable, and much less expensive procurement process for new hardware, coupled with rapidly changing tech requirements, demands a flexible approach to IT management – something that Newsec hopes to explore further with 3stepIT as their partnership continues.


“We look forward to working with 3stepIT to overcome future challenges,” Antti Huhta said. 


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