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Enköping Municipality

Enköping Municipality in Sweden is growing at a record pace and today has 45,000 inhabitants and around 3,500 employees, most of whom have access to laptops, mobile phones and tablets. Their logistics department administers approximately 4,500 computers and 2,000 mobile phones, and is also responsible for the purchase, registration, and delivery of equipment.


Their headache

Previously, their assets were of varying quality and age, there was no standardisation, and users were sometimes forced to use technology that could be up to eight years-old. This sub-standard IT equipment was in constant need of service and was therefore a regular burden to the IT department.


It was also a challenge to gain oversight and collect information about the equipment, such as when it was purchased, who was using it, its warranty periods, and when it needed to be replaced. The Municipality saw regular sporadic and unplanned tactical purchases, where new IT equipment was purchased with the money left in this year's budget, but not aligned to any wider strategy.


This negatively impacted financial forecasts, and a large part of what was purchased was never used as intended. The handling of obsolete equipment was also left to the administrations on their own, and this often led to computers being scrapped instead of being sent for recycling or reuse.


Rising support costs, deficient routines, and a busy IT department who were constantly repairing and patching instead of developing made the Municipality reach out to us.

Enkoping Municipality


How we helped

Our financing solution creates a clear lifecycle management that ensures that IT equipment is regularly replaced, significantly reducing the risk that the operations will be left with old equipment.


The financed equipment is then managed through our web-based Asset Management tool which stores current information about the equipment as it is purchased, and provides a complete view and control of its costs, guarantees, and replacement intervals.


And using a specific lifecycle for all IT-related assets allows a systematic reuse that is in line with the municipality's active sustainability work. At the end of the rental period, the hardware is returned to us for best-in-class data sanitization and refurbishing for a second life (or recycling if absolutely necessary).


The result of our partnership is a lifecycle solution which has reduced and made predictable the financial burden, has created a more satisfied end user, and a more homogeneous computer park adapted to the technical needs of the operations. The number of error reports by users with troublesome technology has decreased, and the IT department can now focus on the right things instead of firefighting work.

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In their own words

Previously, each administration or department handled how they would sell IT equipment. There was no information erasure and many computers were thrown away for recycling (at best). We see this has disappeared. The municipality of Enköping is environmentally certified and the withdrawal is completely in line with how we should handle electronic waste.

Martin Hansen
Head of Department at the Municipal Management Administration

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