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3CheckIT™- the better way
to optimise technical support

Where should IT focus when there are tens, hundreds or even thousands of computers? Calls for help tend to set the immediate tasks. However, short term responses do not lead to long term optimization.

With a complete view of workstation health, the IT team can begin to prioritise and plan to:

  • fix that failing app, and all users benefit
  • find PCs with frequent restarts, and reload their system 
  • ensure anti-virus is running, and gain herd immunity

3CheckIT highlights low-grade issues that users do not report. It helps tackle problems before they cause acute failure. And as IT anticipates issues and reduces immediate cries for help, the team can spend more time focusing on its delivery priorities.

The 3CheckIT portal shows

  • a graphical PC & laptop health map 
  • windows reliability 
  • restart speeds 
  • application reliability 
  • compliance checks

The portal offers a total network summary, with drill down to individual workstations.

3CheckIT has won the category of  “Best use of data” in the International Asset Finance Network Awards.

Prevention rather than cure

Use 3CheckIT to set service priorities

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3CheckIT is a tool that continually monitors

  • emerging workstation issues 
  • persistent, pervasive problems 
  • overall workstation performance

With this information at hand, IT can move from repair and recovery to prevention and planning. The service level improves, and so does productivity.

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