Automate IT device replacement

– the better way to
refresh technology

3ChooseIT improves end-of-lease refresh. It provides renewal, carried out according to the lifecycle plan – for the right devices, and the right number of devices.

With 3ChooseIT you can

  • offer users a refresh choice
  • manage the choice of devices
  • automate device replacement
  • improve the IT service level
  • control device replacement at key points in the process

You should benefit from the service, if

  • you have 200 or more PCs, tablets or laptops
  • the device refresh process takes up a significant time for the IT department
  • your IT team professionals could use their time more productively than doing device refresh admin tasks
  • you are considering CYOD (choose your own device) for your employees
  • there is dissatisfaction amongst the IT user community on the process of asset refresh

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Reduce routine IT administration tasks

Automate installation
of new PCs and laptops

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3ChooseIT improves end-of-lease refresh: it provides renewal, carried out according to the lifecycle plan, for the right devices, and the right number of devices.

This is how the 3ChooseIT process works:

  1. An email is sent to the end user offering a range of devices.
  2. The end-user chooses a preferred device from the selection via the MyAsset portal.
  3. IT can review the batched and summarised list of choices and make changes, if necessary.
  4. The device ordering process is set off by approval.
  5. An installation time is agreed.
  6. The device is set up and the replacement is made at the appointed time.

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