Realise the value in used IT

We buy and sell used technology

You probably have equipment that is obsolescent or perhaps even obsolete.

  • You could store it in unused space, and avoid the e-waste challenge.
  • You could take it to be recycled, or perhaps sent to land fill. 
  • Or, you could ask us to make you an offer.

We will take it away, wipe the data securely, clean it; test it; and then find it a second home as certified used equipment.

Mostly we buy PCs, laptops and smartphones. We can handle a wide range of equipment at our refurbishing centres in Finland, Sweden, Norway, UK and Malaysia. 95% of the used equipment we receive gets re-used.

If you have 20+ units of used IT equipment to sell, please ask for a quote.

Contact us and describe the items you wish to sell us.

Trade to your advantage

Cash in or buy great value certified used technology

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Perhaps you want to switch to leasing, as a better way to get more out of your budget. We can buy your equipment and then you can lease it back. You get cash plus convenient continuity.

Perhaps you want to start a project, but your budget is committed. Used equipment could be the low cost, high value way to begin.

Ask about sale & lease back

Ask about buying used equipment