IT asset management helps

realise IT lifecycle plans and control budgets

Knowing what is installed, where, and who is using it, is fundamental to making the most of your IT assets.

We can help you maintain an up-to-date IT asset database. One that is refreshed as equipment changes with minimal clerical effort. Now, monitoring the status of dozens of laptops, tablets and smartphones across multiple locations no longer needs to be challenging. 

With our unique solution it is easy to monitor and manage thousands of IT assets used in offices, home offices, factories, and vehicles – wherever they are, or, whatever they are. See how our services apply to PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, servers, and more.

IT lifecycle management helps 11 000 Cargotec employees in 160 countries daily:

It’s all about the right tools – and

doing the right things
at the right time

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Some 80% of IT technology’s total cost of ownership (TCO) lies in use, support and management. These costs are sensitive to the age of the device. A well-executed refresh plan delivers cost-savings and enhanced work-efficiency.  And the foundation of a well-executed refresh plan is effective asset management.

Development of our flexible online tools have been driven by our customers’ everyday processes and needs. As a result, you benefit from

  • a centralised asset register
  • automated asset updates which use invoice, delivery & removal information
  • a single view of all your IT assets
  • the ability to track the use, location and status of all devices
  • comprehensive tools for cost allocation, budgeting and financial reports
  • asset monitoring for the whole lifecycle
  • prompts for refresh decisions, actions and critical dates
  • the potential to integrate with other tools and software

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Our IT asset management tools help you to keep track of leased assets. They make managing the IT estate less time consuming.  The tools also provide you with the information you need to make end-of-lease and end-of-life decisions easy.

The best result comes from combining:

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