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What's the story behind 3stepIT
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In 1997 two guys had an idea. Back then IT lifecycle management was undoubtedly an innovation, and the term circular economy didn’t even exist. This game-changing idea of leasing and reusing IT equipment lead to the birth of a completely new business and a completely new business model. 3stepIT was founded, as the name says, on 3 steps of the IT device lifecycle: acquisition, management and replacement. On the edge of the new millennium, the  early understanding of circular thinking made us pioneers in the field. 

What started as two men’s idea for IT lifecycle management has matured into a leading player in the circular economy, with over 400 employees and 4,000 customers globally. Nowadays 3stepIT is managing over 2 million assets and operating in 10 different countries. Our new strategic alliance with BNP Paribas will extend our sustainable services across Europe.

3 Step IT

3stepIT is a dynamic company: a successful, profitable, growing and ambitious organisation. According to our employees, one of the best things about us is the positive and encouraging working atmosphere that we have maintained, even while growing fast.

We offer our employees versatile and challenging tasks, an international working environment, and an open, friendly working community. Our employees value each other highly, and we try to recruit people who will share the same passion for their work as we do.

We expect you to share our values of positivity, honesty and openness. Continuous learning and growth are a must. We love to innovate, and we share our ideas openly and internationally.

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The can-do attitude and twelve other reasons
why we are such a great place to work

- Top management is always available for discussion.
- I feel we are all in the same boat. A real feeling of ‘us.’
- My boss understands me and is fair to everyone.
- If I do my job well, I get the freedom to work in my own way.
- Management is genuinely interested in the employees.
- We are passionate about our jobs, our opinions and our way of working.
- Troublesome issues are dealt with promptly.
- Everything is done to the max, both work and fun.
- Everyone is treated equally, regardless of their position.
- The can-do attitude.
- Possibility for remote working and flexible working hours.
- Rewards are great! Bonuses and share schemes. Bright colleagues and social events.

3 Step IT


We are goal-oriented and our ambition has built a strong base for our success. We have high goals but we reach them together in a relaxed work culture where everyone is warmly welcomed. We trust our employees and provide tools for independent and flexible work. 


We play well together and respect our colleagues’ work, and that makes our workplace feel like home. We want to learn every day, we believe in low hierarchies and solving problems together. Relaxed yet cheerful work atmosphere leads us towards reaching our goals.   


3stepIT is a developing and growing company. Our growth guarantees interesting opportunities to learn and develop as a professional. Our job is to make sure everyone reaches their goals by providing our employees with all the training and support they need.

Meet some of our people:

Karoliina, Group Controller

What is a normal workday for you like?

My workdays vary a lot, no two days are alike! Sometimes my days are filled with meetings and sometimes I work on different projects. Each day I work closely with my team and other teams in Marketing and IT. I also work together with the Leadership team and our subsidiary companies.

What is needed in your position?

You need to be organised and good with people. You need to be interested in developing systems and the ways of working in order to keep up with the new improvements in the field. The number of services our company offers is growing all the time. At the same time, the amount and form of data changes, which has to be taken into account in reporting.

What’s the best thing about your job?

I see the results of my work in reality and what I do makes my colleagues’ work easier. It is also great to be able to challenge old ways of working. I have fun colleagues who are always ready to help. We learn something new every day! The opportunities to develop and grow at 3stepIT are endless.

3 Step IT
3 Step IT

Toni, Sales Manager


What is needed in your position?

You need to be sales-oriented, you need to be proactive, have a get-things-done attitude and be able to work under pressure. The position itself is extremely rewarding, but also challenging at the same time. Goals are reached by working hard and never giving up. Background in B2B sales is definitely an advantage!

What’s the best thing about your job?

It’s very independent. I plan my own schedules and take care of my own performance. Although teamwork is the key to success, in the end Sales Managers are responsible for their own results. I also like the interactive and mobile work. I don’t really sit at the office, but I’m always on the go and running from one customer meeting to another.

I love doing sales and it’s hard to imagine getting similar satisfaction from any other job. I will never get tired of the feeling of closing a deal! I am also motivated by our performance-based salary. Hard work needs to be rewarded well!

What’s the best thing about 3stepIT?

3stepIT is a sales-oriented organisation and we are given the tools to succeed. Sales processes are polished into perfection and we get regular training which helps us reach our targets. I have learned more about sales here than I have during my whole career at other companies. 3stepIT really cares about us employees and we have a great company culture with fun events like our annual Training Days. In 2019 the whole company got together in Budapest to celebrate a successful past year and plan the future.   

3 Step IT

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