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IT lifecycle management

Keeping IT assets installed past their optimal refresh date may seem like a good way to save money. However, older hardware brings:

  • rising service & support costs
  • more frequent failures
  • inconvenienced users

Our sustainable approach adds value to the challenge to run the refresh lifecycle economically.

Find the optimal lifecycle in your own environment

Our approach to technology is designed to help our clients plan and manage a regular refresh of IT devices. Therefore,

  • our leases are transparent and encourage returns,
  • our asset management system enables smooth planning for return & refresh,
  • our remarketing business provides the residual value that makes regular refresh a competitive choice.

Sustainable lifecycle management is effective and it helps to meet your social responsibility targets:

  • Satisfaction with IT rises when users get the latest technology.
  • Total IT costs (hardware + software + service + support) are reduced.
  • Old technology is reused, rather than stored or dumped.

Here is how we make the sustainable approach work:

  1. You will be notified well in advance that the planned refresh date is approaching and the lease is coming to an end (or needs to be extended).
  2. You can order replacements, or offer our 3ChooseIT service for users to select from your list of approved alternatives.
  3. You return the replaced devices. We can organise packing and transport – just order it through our asset management tool.
  4. We securely erase data on your returned assets and report the results.

We make returning and replacing your IT assets painless and straightforward.

From ‘take, make, dispose’ to ‘take, make, reuse’

Building a sustainable
world and future

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The circular economy promises substantial savings in material costs and improvements in GDP. We integrate sustainable thinking into IT technology lifecycle. The benefits: our customers can deliver a more effective IT service, affordably and sustainably.

This is how we build a circular economy business model:

  1. Contrary to many lessors, we collect used devices at the end of the lease. We do not encourage profitable lease extensions or equipment that is never returned.
  2. We then refurbish the equipment; we do not just sell it for scrap or dump it. We have invested in certified refurbishing centres and certified partners to handle the returned assets.
  3. We have a network of partners to resell the used equipment, predominantly in Europe and only to countries with effective electronic waste regulation. It is important to us the refurbished kit will be recycled responsibly.

We have developed techniques to refurbish more technology for reuse, rather than recycling. This way we can

  • improve residual values,
  • make a planned lifecycle approach more affordable, and
  • create a more sustainable IT.

There are millions of PCs, tens of millions of phones. The Internet of Things will bring another proliferation multiplier.

By building a circular economy for IT, we are building a more sustainable future. Join us today!

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