Carmen Ene wins ‘Women in the Channel’ award

Carmen Ene, CEO of 3stepIT, has been recognised by the UK’s leading ICT magazine, Comms Business, as an exceptional female talent. 


She is the second person to receive the award since the category was introduced last year to celebrate success of women in the market and promote gender diversity.


Carmen Ene, CEO 3stepITDiversity and equality are key values at 3stepIT and we feel proud to have a leader who narrows the gender gap and champions these values. Research has shown that diverse companies perform better, and we see it as a vital element in creating a better business environment for everyone.


“It’s important to celebrate the many contributions women make in society and business and I’m humbled to be recognised like this. Feeling proud of your company’s gender diversity is something that not enough women in tech can yet relate to. I am passionate about doing everything I can to make ICT a more attractive career choice for women,” Carmen commented.


Carmen has had a successful international career in finance and information technology and has led 3stepIT for nearly 6 years, taking us on a transformative journey to focus on a single purpose – to take care of the world’s technology and driving the team to reach exceptional growth during this time.


Women in the Channel

“My father told me to persevere and never give up, and one day I will become so good that I can’t be ignored. These words have guided my career and taught me to bring myself up after a fall, learn from the experience and carrying on.”


According to Comms Business, the ‘Women in the Channel’ category was met with overwhelming support when introduced to promote diversity and women who have produced outstanding results within their organisation and market. The category is open to all women who have made a difference within their organisation regardless of their position in the company. More information:


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