3stepIT receives circular economy recognition

- October 23, 2019

Focused on IT device lifecycle management, 3stepIT receives a joint recognition for circular economy from The Finnish Innovation Fund, Sitra, and the Finnish Quality Association, Excellence Finland. The recognition was given to 3stepIT for its work as a long-term pioneer for a more carbon-neutral world.


This recognition for the circular economy is now being awarded for the first time in Finland, and will be granted during the EFQM Forum on 23 October. The accolade is given by Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Krista Mikkonen, Sitra’s President Mikko Kosonen, and CEO/President of Laatukeskus Excellence Finland Tani Järvinen.

“This recognition is granted for the company’s efforts to promote the circular economy, carbon neutrality and a better future,” explains Tani Järvinen from Excellence Finland.


3stepIT has been a pioneer in the circular economy for the past 20 years. The company’s IT lifecycle management services help optimise device use and lengthen the lifecycle of devices. As the company’s name suggests, the operation model is based on three steps: the device acquisition process, the management of IT assets, and the recycling and remarketing of used devices.


“It’s always great to see that our operating model stands out and the work that we do receives recognition,” comments Jari Lemmilä, acting Managing Director of 3 Step IT Finland.


As grounds for the recognition, 3stepIT was found to be a pioneer in the circular economy with a strong emphasis on sustainability. The company shows long term proof of the profitability of its business model. Furthermore, 3stepIT’s operations are praised for scalability, as the company already operates in 10 countries.


”As well as helping our customers operate more sustainably, the circular economy is also important to us internally. We have implemented a number of internal operating models that help reduce environmental strain. They help us encourage our employees to consider sustainability in everything we do,” says Jari Lemmilä from 3stepIT.


The circular economy recognitions are a continuation of Sitra’s list of the most interesting companies in the circular economy in Finland, which has been maintained since 2016. The acknowledgements also act as a launch to the newly formed collaboration between Sitra and Excellence Finland, which aims to strengthen understanding of the Finnish circular economy and accelerate its use and scale. 20 of the companies currently on Sitra’s list were invited to apply for the recognitions. Based on the applications, three companies now receive the recognition, and four companies receive a distinction.


“The recognised companies are all different types of organisations and represent different fields of industry,” explains Tani Järvinen from Excellence Finland. Järvinen continues: “Today, circular economy thinking and sustainability must be present in every organisation’s operations. This is extremely important work, which we naturally hope organisations continue to develop also in the future.”

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