3stepIT’s Jarkko Veijalainen named Businessman of the Year

- September 23, 2019

3stepIT’s Jarkko Veijalainen Named Businessman of the Year


3stepIT’s founder, owner and Chairman of the Board, Jarkko Veijalainen, has today been named Businessman of the Year by the Finnish Businessmen’s Association. The award ceremony was held at Aalto University’s Otaniemi campus in Espoo, Finland.


Veijalainen founded the company in 1997 together with Marko Sjöman. The company, then known as Computer Rental CR, offered a new, cost-efficient way for companies to acquire business technology based on the lifecycle approach. Veijalainen headed up the company as CEO until 2005, when he took up the role of Chairman of the Board. Today, 3stepIT is one of the largest IT companies in Finland and a forerunner in the Circular Economy. 


The growth story of 3stepIT is highly noteworthy in the Finnish spectrum. The company’s profitable growth and circular economy based operating model have won praise domestically and internationally. 3stepIT has landed on the Best Place to Work list for ten years running and has been selected as the Most Sustainable Company twice now (Leasing Life, 2017 & 2018). In addition, Jarkko Veijalainen has personally received the awards for Good Owner of the Year (2016) and Entrepreneur of the Year (EY, 2008).


The Businessman of the Year is an annual award given out to a Finnish businessman who has been a pacesetter, an example, and achieved international success. Kauppalehti and Aalto University School of Business participated in the selection of the candidate. The panel justified the selection of Veijalainen, with these words, among others:

“20 years ago, when the Circular Economy was hardly discussed by anyone anywhere, 3stepIT was already using it to make business, and grew to become an international player.


“A Finnish company that has achieved profitable international success, is an excellent example of percipience and tenacity.


“3stepIT Group is among the few Finnish super growers. The business has been exemplary in various ways, as its growth has been achieved without sacrificing profitability.”


Veijalainen comments on the award: “It feels extremely good to get such recognition for my life’s work. I want to thank the Finnish Businessmen’s Association, Kauppalehti as well as the Aalto University School of Business for the honour. I would also like to thank everyone who has been part of building our success story over the years: the company’s executive team, members of the board and all personnel, as well as our customers in particular. It is a great joy to be able to prove that a sustainable operating model can bring value to owners, customers and the society on the whole.

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