One of Finland's most inspiring companies in the circular economy

- May 15, 2019

We have been placed on the list of the most interesting companies of the circular economy, compiled by the Finnish Innovation Fund, Sitra, for the fourth time. By bringing forward the most inspiring business examples of the circular economy, Sitra aims to challenge Finnish companies to innovate for the changing needs of the world.

Sitra first published the list in October 2016, including only 19 Finnish companies. The number of innovative companies has increased each year, while the requirements for admission have also become stricter. Among 125 companies listed, we have managed to keep our place.


“We are proud of the recognition – after all, we have been a pioneer in the circular economy since 1997. For us, the circular economy is not a passing trend, but the foundation of profitable business,” commented our CEO Carmen Ene.


Sitra challenges Finnish companies to meet the changing needs of the world

By highlighting examples of profitable circular economy, Sitra wants to inspire Finnish companies to renew their business models. The need for new types of operating models arises from, among others, scarcity of natural resources and environmental phenomena. In order to maximize the value of products, as well as to minimize loss and waste, it is necessary to develop operating models that keep materials in circulation for as long as possible.


Sitra classifies circular economy companies into five groups according to their business model: Product-life extension, Product as a service, Sharing platforms, Renewability, as well as Resource efficiency & recycling. We are included inCategory 1: Product-life extension, although we also provide a platform for product-as-a-service and pioneer in resource efficiency and recycling.


Extending the life of technology equipment is a key objective of our business and a way to reduce the amount of equipment that is disposed of,  as well as the environmental impact of manufacturing new equipment.


Our core business is the development of life-cycle management solutions for IT equipment. A key part in our three-step process – acquisition, management, and renewal – is to enable reuse of the devices that come back from our customers. The used equipment is inspected, secured and formatted at our refurbishing centres, so we can resell it through our responsible partner network. Over 97 percent of the devices are reused, making us one of Europe's largest sellers of used IT equipment.


Check out this link for the freshly updated list of inspiring circular business examples.

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