Upplands Väsby kommun


"Finally we have a solution that helps us to easily keep track of the municipality's IT equipment and all leases. 3 Step IT's asset management system is simple to administer and change and can provide our support engineers all of the information they need to do their jobs; e.g. cost centres, versions, owners, geographic location, status, etc. Your customer support team took on the task in a very good way and it shows that 3 Step IT values its customers."

Annika Andersson, system engineer, help desk and support

Upplands Väsby municipality currently has over 42,000 inhabitants. The municipality is currently experiencing high levels of immigration and its population growth for 2015 was the largest in 25 years. The entire municipality is ISO14001 certified and was awarded in 2011 as the Swedish IT Municipality and in 2013 as Sweden's greenest municipality. The municipality currently employs approximately 1,300 persons, most of whom have access to a laptop or tablet. The IT operations department manages approximately 2,900 computers and is responsible for all of the computer workstations of municipal employees as regards support, purchasing and administration of the equipment. All equipment is currently purchased through the IT supplier Dustin. Financing, equipment administration and reuse/disposal is managed by 3 Step IT.


Early in the process, Upplands Väsby municipality chose operational leasing rather than owning its IT equipment. The equipment was previously financed and taken back by an international computer manufacturer, while the registration system was managed by an IT operations supplier. As the financing system and registration system were in the hands of different players, the figures of the systems rarely matched.

Taking the equipment back was another challenge. It took almost one and half years after the municipality had returned the equipment before the previous financing company could confirm that the equipment had actually been returned. Once confirmation was received, the computer supplier and the municipality rarely agreed on the residual value or condition of the computers.

The municipality also implements changes to its cost centre plans (so called ‘activity codes’) every year. The new activity codes created challenges for the inventory system which only allowed individual items to be changed manually. These activity codes are the basis for the internal charging of the equipment.

Another important issue for Upplands Väsby municipality was whether the equipment was being managed in a sustainable and safe manner after use. The award as the greenest municipality in 2013 involved intensive work on environmental issues, and the procurement of new IT equipment set high standards for suppliers' sustainability processes. As the municipality processes classified information, it was also important that the equipment was securely wiped immediately upon return.


  • A new contract was implemented in 2014, in which Dustin was selected as the supplier of IT equipment. Dustin then announced 3 Step IT as a subcontractor for financing, administration and disposal services. The equipment is currently purchased through Dustin's e-commerce services, after which 3 Step IT manages the financing and invoicing of the equipment. Upplands Väsby municipality now has access to a fully integrated asset management and financing system, which allows the municipality and 3 Step IT to see the exact same information.
  • The online asset management tool affords the municipality full control of the lease agreements and valuable information on their own IT equipment such as versions, software, serial numbers, geographic locations, etc. Before the agreement expires, the system also automatically reports that it is time to return or buy the equipment.
  • The system is configured on the basis of the municipality's needs, which means, inter alia, that the municipality can run reports on a monthly basis to be used for internal charging to different cost centres. Changes to activity codes are implemented through mass-input rather than by manual management of individual items.
  • The disposal/re-marketing service means that Upplands Väsby municipality does not have to manage discarded equipment itself. When it is time to return the equipment, 3 Step IT sends a lockable crate to the municipality's premises, in which all discarded equipment is collected for transportation to 3 Step IT's remarketing facility. The equipment is then sold on by 3 Step IT after undergoing rigorous data wiping.



Provides welfare and infrastructural services to the residents of the municipality

1,300 employees

Approx. 41,800 inhabitants in the municipality

A turnover of SEK 1.9 billion (2015)