Our solutions help you finance, manage and replace your IT equipment in a cost efficient, effective, secure and sustainable way.

Our IT lifecycle approach allows you to address your IT challenges conveniently and focus on what really matters: your business.

3 Step IT

Take the 3 steps towards agile IT asset management

Step 1: Acquire

Strategic IT procurement with flexible leasing


Step 2: Manage

IT asset tracking in one place


Step 3: Refresh

Secure and responsible IT equipment refresh


Everyone's journey to IT lifecycle management is different

We deliver services across the IT lifecycle, designed according to your needs.
See how our solutions work:

3 Step IT
3 Step IT

Define your IT objectives

What are your goals and needs for IT? Have you already taken into consideration the total cost of ownership (TCO), refresh cycles, data security, and sustainability?

3 Step IT

Assess existing IT portfolio

What do you want to keep?
What do you want to replace?

Old Equipment

3 Step IT

3 Step IT can collect, erase and resell your old devices when they are replaced. Depending on equipment age, we may pay you when we take it away. Sell your old IT

New, leased equipment

3 Step IT

Set lease terms

View your lease terms for the fixed term period (1-5 years).

3 Step IT

Evaluate suppliers

Choose your suppliers, and order the devices you need. See all details from your asset portal.

3 Step IT

Receive devices

When your devices are delivered, you use the asset portal to formally accept delivery. Then we pay the invoice.

3 Step IT

Monitor device performance

Independently monitor your IT equipment’s health and performance throughout their use.

3 Step IT

End of lease

We will notify you 90 days before the end of lease period. Direct Debit stops and you need to decide whether to return, extend or buy the leased devices.

3 Step IT

Devices are collected

Devices are packaged and securely transported to our WEE compliant refurbishing facility.

3 Step IT

Data erasure

Blancco software is used to erase data to infosec 5 standards in an ISO 27001 accredited process. You will receive a data destruction certification after the process.

3 Step IT

Second life to device

Devices are refurbished or recycled, moving for their second life use.

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