Benefits for the whole organisation with

IT lifecycle


“Perhaps the hallmark of our collaboration is flexibility and attention to customers’ needs. Things have gone effortlessly and with ease, and we have been satisfied with the service. This is one of the most gratifying of our partnerships.”

– Markku Salakka, CIO, City of Valkeakoski

The benefits of our solution…
for the CFO and COO:

Significant cost savings

  • Significant cost savings with maximum device utilisation and reduced support costs.
  • Better expense allocation to appropriate cost centres.
  • Sustainable device refresh supports social responsibility goals.
for the CIO and CTO:

An up-to-date device inventory

  • An up-to-date device inventory provides a foundation for IT administration & planning.
  • With the latest technology, support calls fall and users are more satisfied with IT.
  • Verifiable data destruction for equipment that has been removed.
for IT:

Fewer support calls

  • Fewer support calls from users who are happier working with current technology.
  • Painless replacement planning when you know device age, user & location.
  • With detailed device information it is easy to plan updates.

The unique 3 Step IT way of thinking about IT assets

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