Sell Your Old IT

Realise the value in your old IT


You probably have IT equipment that is aging or already obsolete.  However, getting rid of this equipment poses problems of its own: they often hold sensitive data, so you can't give it away, and there are environmental regulations to follow, so you can't throw it away.

The equipment may have economic value to recover and mitigate disposal costs.

3 Step IT

You have 3 options for getting rid of your old IT:

You could pay for storing your equipment in an unused  space for an unknown time and ignore the e-waste issue instead of solving it

You could take the obsolete equipment to be recycled, but risk sensitive data leaks

You could sell your IT to us, get your data wiped in a certified process and give the equipment a second life in use

Sell us your obsolete devices and we will take care of the rest! 

Your equipment will be securely handled according to an ISO-certified process (9001 - Quality,  14001 - Environment, 27001 - Security), at one of our refurbishing centres in Finland, Sweden, Norway, UK and Singapore. 97% of the devices we handle get a second life while only 3% goes to material recycling. Our service gives you a simple, secure and sustainable way to technology disposal.  

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3 Step IT

Do you want to replace the old IT equipment with new? 
Or sell your equipment and then lease it back to benefit from our IT management solutions?

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