The simple, secure and sustainable solution for old IT equipment


Many businesses feel there’s no alternative to dumping or destroying their old IT equipment. No wonder electronic waste is the world’s fastest growing type of waste. But there’s a hasslefree alternative in which everyone wins, even the planet.

Simply sell us your obsolete devices.

We’ll collect them to be securely wiped and refurbished for reuse. You’ll reduce your carbon footprint, plus you’ll get market value for old devices.

What we will do: 

  • Buy your used devices at market value 
  • Data erasure using best in class methods 
  • Refurbish them for reuse 
  • Recycle when absolutely necessary 

How you will benefit: 

  • Dispose of your old IT equipment securely 
  • Receive cash for your used devices to boost your IT spending power 
  • Go green – halve electronic waste and reduce CO2 emissions by 36% 
3 Step IT

You have 3 options for getting rid of your old IT:

You could pay for storing your equipment in an unused  space for an unknown time and ignore the e-waste issue instead of solving it

You could take the obsolete equipment to be recycled, but risk sensitive data leaks

You could sell your IT to us, get your data wiped in a certified process and give the equipment a second life in use

Sell us your obsolete devices and we will take care of the rest! 

Your equipment will be securely handled according to an ISO-certified process (9001 - Quality,  14001 - Environment, 27001 - Security), at one of our refurbishing centres in Finland, Sweden, Norway, UK and Singapore. 97% of the devices we handle get a second life while only 3% goes to material recycling. Our service gives you a simple, secure and sustainable way to technology disposal.

3 Step IT

Download our REstepIT factsheet for more information!


Do you want to replace the old IT equipment with new? 
Or sell your equipment and then lease it back to benefit from our IT management solutions?

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