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Cutting edge tech. Reduced IT costs. Positive environmental impact. How? Simply stop buying IT.


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74% of businesses feel under pressure to be more sustainable, and enterprise IT is now moved by economic and environmental sustainability. By the need for new ownership models. And by smarter financial management.


It’s clear: buying IT isn’t going to cut it anymore.


The solution? By adopting Technology Lifecycle Management for your business IT, you lower your total cost of ownership (TCO). And when you’re done with the assets, they’re securely wiped and refurbished for reuse.


Your people get newer, better tech. Disposal is safe, secure and simple. Your devices get a second life, and you make a positive impact on the environment.


It’s time to get in step.


It’s time to stop buying IT.

Stop Buying IT: A simple switch with big benefits for business


Unlock the latest research and discover how businesses are benefiting from a new way of procuring IT.


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Why swap to an OPEX model

The world has moved - its time to move with it.

Sustainability Calculator

How sustainable is your business?

Discover how much carbon and electronic waste you could avoid when you swap to 3stepIT's circular model.



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Reducing your TCO is easy - together, we can develop a more financially and environmentally-friendly IT procurement strategy, with Technology Lifecycle Management (TLM) built-in from the start.


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