Why 3stepIT?

4000 companies trust us to handle their 1,9 million assets

In an increasingly disruptive world, we help you focus on what’s important: your business.

With new emerging technologies, flexible ways of working, growing cybercrime and data security threats, and environmental challenges, organisations need to adapt quickly.

Access to technology beats ownership.

Our approach to IT lifecycle management helps companies proactively refresh their technology. Let us take care of your IT in a cost-efficient, secure and environmentally friendly way. And we make it routine and predictable, while keeping you in control.

3 Step IT
3 Step IT

Are you getting the full potential from your IT?

Each business is unique and at a different maturity stage of their IT lifecycle. We can support you wherever you are on your journey. Take the first step and assess your current stage with our IT maturity test.

Discover your IT maturity stage!

3stepIT helps you make the leap to:

Power up for the future with agile IT

How 3stepIT can help you and your team:


  • Significant  cost savings  from circular economy based IT life cycle management
  • Adaptable cost allocation, flexible expense planning and IT budget management
  • Sustainable IT renewal to support your CSR goals 


  • Complete control and 360° view of all your devices
  • More satisfied users with latest, high-performing technology
  • Secure and certified data destruction
  • Boost your digital transformation with efficient IT

IT Team

  • From reactive IT support to proactive monitoring
  • Automated and effortless IT equipment refresh
  • Easy updates with detailed device information