6 steps to a data
secure holiday


6 steps to a data secure holiday

After an intensive first half of the year filled with meetings, projects and emails, it is time for a break. Executing H1, planning H2 and running around the office for six months without a break can be exhausting. While you and your computer deserve some time off, data security does not.

To enjoy your freedom to the fullest and let you focus on the downshifting, we have put together a list of 6 steps to take before escaping the office:

1. Make sure you have the latest software updates and update them if needed. It’s important to install updates to your operating system and applications whenever they are available, as some updates contain security fixes that protect you from possible attacks. It is also a lot more pleasant to continue work on a computer with a software that was designed during this decade.

2. Back up all your important files and documents. Returning to work feels much less stressful if you know you have your budget plans and Excel files waiting for you, right where you left them. You don’t want to start all over again on that document you worked on for six months.

3. Delete all unnecessary documents. Doing a summer clean-up frees space on your hard drive and your laptop will be ready for new challenges. Just imagine that refreshed feeling of returning to work and not having any irrelevant documents waiting on your desktop.

4. Save your passwords in a secure place. It is never a good idea to save your password in your browser. Instead, you can consider using secure password management tools to keep your passwords in check. It is also so much easier to log in to your computer and get to your documents when you have all the login information ready to hand after the holiday.

5. Lock your computer with a password and be sure to turn it off. Don’t just close the cover and pretend it is the same thing. Also, remember to store your laptop in a secure place, as returning to the office goes way smoother if you can actually find your computer after the vacation!

6. When on holiday, be cautious when connecting to shared networks and public Wi-Fi. Many people carry work-related information with them on their smartphones everywhere they go. Public Wi-Fi is often a necessity when travelling but it can be a safety risk as hackers can fish confidential information via shared networks. You definitely don’t want to watch your H2 strategy plans be leaked to the world wide web!

With these 6 tips, 3 Step IT wishes everybody a happy, relaxing and data secure holiday!