How to make the case for sustainable IT

- December 13, 2021

There’s been a huge awakening on the issue of climate change. Plastic waste, water conservation and threats to wildlife have all hit the headlines. Every individual and business now has the message - we need to get our act together.


Yet the issue of electronic waste and the impact of our technology consumption on the planet hasn’t hit the spotlight in the same way as some of the other environmental threats. So, for many businesses making the transition to sustainable IT asset management represents a huge, untapped opportunity to make big gains towards achieving sustainability goals.


But making the case for change isn’t always easy. In a recent survey of European businesses we found that:


  • Only 58% of sustainability professionals say they are consulted in IT procurement decisions most of the time.


  • Over half (51%) say it can be hard to make the business case for IT sustainability programmes most of the time.


  • 58% say IT sustainability outcomes are deprioritised in favour of other criteria most of the time.


We believe that biggest contribution we can make to the fight against climate change, alongside our own circular and sustainable operations, is to support as many organisations as possible to make the switch to sustainable IT consumption. So, we’ve pulled together some tools to help make the link between the IT asset management and tangible sustainability outcomes for your business.


Sustainable IT calculator

We have launched a new tool that helps businesses to calculate the total CO2e and electronic waste avoidance they can achieve by adopting a more sustainable IT asset management strategy. Simply by entering the total number of devices by product category, a user can calculate the carbon and electronic waste avoidance that could be achieved with technology lifecycle management.


Stop Buying IT report

We conducted in-depth research with more than 950 businesses across Europe to understand how they are meeting today’s business challenges. We found that by adopting a new approach to IT procurement organisations can make huge gains, including improved cash flow, resource efficiency, security and sustainable IT asset disposal. Check out the report for top tips on how technology lifecycle management can help you achieve your sustainability goals.


How to guide

We have published the complete guide to technology lifecycle management to help you answer the big questions coming up in your organisation. Find data on the mounting e-waste crisis and simple explanations on the role your organisation can play by adopting a more sustainable approach to enterprise IT.


Sustainability tips

Need more information? Why not check out our blog for our most recent expert insights. You might like to start with this one – ‘How to turn your concern about e-waste into action’. Or why not watch and share our sustainable IT video, which explains the big environmental challenges and how we can help in just a few minutes.


Need some expert advice on how to get started with sustainable technology lifecycle management? Contact us today.

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