Information security with ISO 27001


Information security with ISO 27001

Minimise the risk of data leaks

Information security with ISO 27001

To ensure that organisations meet security standards we can use the ISO certification. In this blog post, we explain what ISO 27001 is and why it is an important certification to consider when choosing your supplier or partner.

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is an internationally recognised independent information security management standard, that provides a set of standardised requirements. Organisations meeting the standardised requirements may be certified. The certification is available for all type and size enterprises. Working under the certified standard framework means that operations in organisation follow the best practices in information security. For example, operations take specific measures to protect financial information, intellectual property rights and employee and customer information as well as information third parties entrust to the company.

Benefits of ISO 27001:

  • Processes and systematic operations ensures continuously high information security
  • Risk assessments mitigates the security risks
  • Protects the company’s assets and information
  • Access management ensures that users only have access to information for which they are authorised
  • Strengthens the company’s information management with regard to confidentiality, integrity and availability
  • Framework for ensuring that organisation follows laws and regulations

Simply summarised, ISO 27001 certification means that an organisation has taken a number of measures to minimise the risk of information falling into the wrong hands, or being distorted or destroyed and ensures the availability.

How does ISO 27001 certification take place?

To receive ISO 27001 certification, the company needs to be reviewed by an accredited certifier. During the review, it is verified that the company complies with all ISO 27001 requirements. These include adopting a security policy, conducting a risk assessment of the operation, addressing all identified security risks and continuous improvement for information security.

ISO 27001 more relevant than ever

We live at a time when security threats and vulnerabilities are changing at an ever faster pace, while businesses have to handle ever-increasing amounts of information. Not working systematically with information security can pose a major risk of extensive business impact. Working with ISO 27001 means that security work is done within a finely adjusted and adapted framework to address external risks and threats.


Is ISO 27001 a requirement?

There is no requirement for companies to have ISO 27001 certification; it is fully voluntary and demonstrates that you take information securityseriously. An increasing number of companies now require their partners to be ISO 27001 certified. The ISO Survey 2016 shows that today there are more than 33,000 ISO 27001-certified companies, and that the number is increasing rapidly. In 2016 alone, the number of ISO 27001-certified companies grew by 20 per cent.

3 Step IT and ISO 27001

Since the beginning, information security has been a high priority in 3 Step IT. With ISO 27001, we have validation from external experts that our information security work is responsible and systematically correct.
We’ll be happy to tell you more about how we work with information security at 3 Step IT and ISO 27001certification.

Mikko Kulmala
Head of Quality, Environment and Security

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