IT drives Lernia’s business forward


IT drives Lernia’s business forward

Lernia is Sweden’s leading staffing- and educational company. With 150 offices all over the country, there are high demands on Lernia’s IT management. We caught up with Sebastian Lindström, CIO at Lernia and responsible for IT within the company. Below he explains the organisation’s challenges and how their collaboration with 3 Step IT has made a difference.

What was the challenge Lernia was facing?

Lernia’s need for IT went from us being an internal support group to becoming a more business driven function. We needed to change from the traditional mind-set of "technology for technology" to a modernisation of our operation, where IT takes an active part in driving the business forward.

What did the modernisation involve?

Our mission is to help people find jobs through education and through various kinds of staffing assignments. No matter where in life one is, there is always an education or an assignment that suits. Individual matching always takes place in close collaboration with the business community in order to provide competence in the areas where competent staff are required.

With our 150 offices in 100 locations all over Sweden, we are today a highly flexible organisation. The competence flow in recent years has created a greater need for a continuous progress of new establishments. New establishments, in turn, put demands on effective logistics, which is vital in big business. If the flow is not working, we risk losing business opportunities. Together with 3 Step IT, we have managed to create a simplified system for how we return equipment, where the user can order a return with a few simple clicks, via the company’s IT portal. Next, 3 Step IT sends out a replacement computer and the returned computer is sent in the same postage-paid cardboard box.

When the new computer arrives, it is already pre-configured and ready to use once the power is turned on. This means, for example, that all necessary software is already installed. Pre-configuration is an essential feature which 3 Step IT assists us with, creating great benefits for the user in terms of time saved and thus increased productivity.

What made you decide to finance your IT equipment through 3 Step IT?

The main reason was to achieve a standardised setup of our hardware with a natural life cycle. Another reason was the financing component, which means we swap out old equipment regularity. This way our users have access to modern technology, which has a positive impact on their productivity.

In addition, sustainability and the environment have always been important considerations for us at Lernia. It is important for us to work with a partner like 3 Step IT, who has these issues at the top of their own agenda and who also can show the effects of embracing a circular economy and working with sustainability in focus.


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