Mythbuster: The truth about leasing IT

- June 12, 2023

Joanne is an expert in IT management and procurement. Stephen is a senior business executive. They’re having a conversation about the pros and cons of leasing IT assets for a business instead of buying them. 


It goes something like this:

Stephen: “I’ve never been a fan of leasing. It costs too much.”
Joanne: “No, it doesn’t. If you buy your devices, they get more expensive to maintain as they get older. And then you have to pay to buy replacements when they break. In the long-term, leasing is cheaper in total cost of ownership terms.”

Stephen: “…well, yeah, OK. But it’d be a real pain to manage all those lease agreements and payments.”
Joanne: “It doesn’t have to be. Lease payments are predictable across the length of the lease, so budget planning is much simpler and clearer. There is also an IT asset management platform giving you complete visibility throughout the device lifecycle, plus technical and financial reports. Making our IT manager's life so much easier.

Stephen: “Hm. Are they really, though? I bet they sting you with some charges at the end, hidden away in the small print.”
Joanne: “Not necessarily. Lease agreements can incorporate the costs of data wiping, reconditioning, resale and the end-of-lease value, so everything is clear right from the start. Anything else I can help you with?”



Bit of an eye-opener, isn’t it?

This conversation is typical of many people’s views about leasing. But it demonstrates that there are myths holding many businesses back. 


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