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- October 04, 2021

A business with 250 employees could avoid carbon emissions equivalent to flying 11 times around the world with Technology Lifecycle Management

Sustainable Technology Lifecycle Management provider, 3stepIT, has launched a new tool that helps businesses to calculate the total CO2e and electronic waste avoidance they can achieve by adopting a more sustainable IT asset management strategy.

The new Sustainable IT Calculator is now available to any business wishing to quantify the environmental impact of its business tech.

Simply by entering the total number of devices deployed, IT managers can calculate the carbon and electronic waste avoidance that could be achieved with a Technology Lifecycle Management solution.

The tool shows that a business with 250 employees (200 laptops, 50 desktops, 50 monitors, 150 smartphones, 50 tablets) could avoid CO2 emissions equivalent to a long-haul flight of 434,000km, or flying around the circumference of the world 11 times. The same business could avoid 1,028kg of electronic waste, the equivalent to the weight of throwing away 57,111 coffee cups.

3stepIT’s Head of Product Management, Tapio Ranta, who designed the tool, said: “There is an increasing pressure on businesses to minimise their environmental impact. But sometimes creating change inside an organisation is hard, even if the shift is better for business and better for the planet.

“With this new tool, we want to support IT managers, who we know are sustainably minded, to make the case for a more sustainable approach to IT. With this evidence at their fingertips, hopefully we can see more organisations make a greater impact in the fight against climate change.”

3stepIT has drawn on two decades of expertise in IT device refurbishment to develop the Sustainable IT Calculator. The detailed analysis is based on the weight and emissions data from the more than half a million devices that were processed in the company’s Nordic refurbishing centres during 2020, providing unrivalled insights into the potential of sustainable IT asset disposal.

The company’s Technology Lifecycle Management service is a new way of thinking about IT procurement, asset management and disposal, which delivers efficiency, sustainability and security throughout the entire IT lifecycle.

It draws on the principles of the circular economy and is based on the idea that access to technology, not ownership of it, offers the greatest value to businesses, and that products should therefore be returned, refurbished and reused.

3stepIT’s Technology Lifecycle Management solution divides the IT asset lifecycle into three simple steps – acquire, manage and refresh. Put simply, a business accesses essential IT infrastructure using flexible payment solutions, uses an advanced IT asset management platform to manage the health and efficiency of those devices, and when they age, instigates a renewal and refurbishment process. Instead of sending the old devices to landfill, 3stepIT refurbish and resell them, with customers receiving a detailed environmental report for each device batch they return.

This circular model helps businesses to achieve their sustainability targets whilst streamlining their IT operations.


Discover how you can make a positive difference with sustainable Technology Lifecycle Management.

Calculate your CO2e and e-waste avoidance by entering your IT assets in the calculator.



The source data for these calculations comes from our refurbishing centres, where we processed over 530 000 devices in 2020. We calculate CO2 avoidance by measuring the median CO2 emissions per product group. We base this on manufacturer data for the most popular devices we process within each product group. The e-waste avoidance calculation is based on the weight of each product group. We use the median weight of the most popular models we process in each group. Our customers receive a detailed environmental report for each device batch returned to us.

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