Post-pandemic new IT asset management challenges

- November 25, 2021

Employees are operating more IT devices than ever before, up 14% on pre-pandemic levels. The rise of hybrid working has seen businesses equip their people with an average of 2.4 devices, up from 2.1. This has presented a number of big challenges for IT managers, namely keeping track of devices and keeping them safe.


According to our research, nearly a fifth (19%) of businesses are not able to track and locate all of their devices all of the time. 30% have faced an increased security risk due to the growing number of devices.*


It’s clear hybrid working and rapid tech innovation are not going away, so businesses need to find a new approach to IT asset management that prioritises data security and simplifies device management.


A crucial tool is a sophisticated IT asset management platform.


Our advanced IT asset management platform provides complete visibility and control of all devices to help businesses simplify upkeep, budgeting and renewal. It minimises security risks and improves data protection by ensuring you know where your devices are and who is using them. It ensures each device is up to date and compliant, and provides access to detailed technical and financial reporting, split by cost centre, product groups and location.


It’s a one stop shop for all your IT asset management needs.


Our customers benefit from this tool as part of our Technology Lifecycle Management solution. It’s all part of the same sustainable service at no added cost. So, as devices continue to proliferate and employees take mobile devices on the move, we offer peace of mind that your IT assets are safe and secure.


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* Research was conducted in July 2021 by OnePoll on behalf of 3stepIT. Survey of 1000 IT decision makers from the UK, France, Germany, Sweden and Finland.





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