Better cost management, efficiency and sustainability

The result of Perstorp's focus on the circular economy


The result of Perstorp's focus on the circular economy

Perstorp is a global chemical company that focusses on producing specialty chemicals. They are the world leader in several sectors of the market, designing products that make everyday life better, safer, more comfortable, and more environmentally friendly for people all over the world. We sat down with Agneta Hedström, the CIO at Perstorp and the company’s IT lead.

What is Perstorp's challenge?
Today we have approximately 1600 employees in 26 different countries, with production in Europe, Asia and the United States. The different time zones mean that our equipment always has to work properly. That means all year, every single day of the week. We depend on our computers and business-critical systems. Therefore, it is essential that we have functional equipment (computers, servers, etc.) that can meet the high demands of our business.

Why did Perstorp choose to finance its IT equipment?
We wanted to get into a continuous process of replacing old equipment and making sure that we were always able to make upgrades to ensure optimal performance. Of course, we also wanted to better manage the company's costs when it came to IT equipment. Thanks to 3 Step IT's portfolio, we now have a well-functioning process for managing our IT equipment, both for new and old pieces. Through their Asset Management tool, we are able to maintain a good overview of which devices we are using, and we can keep track of them effectively. It also makes it easy for our customers, who do not need to keep track of when new IT equipment is ordered, and we are fully in control of all costs.

How has your collaboration with 3 Step IT influenced your IT operations and productivity?
Before we started working actively with the lifecycle management of our IT equipment, it was especially difficult to plan and implement changes.
Previously, it was also unclear how we should handle old equipment. Quite a lot of it became scrap, but there were many pieces that could be used by other firms, and we definitely struggled to find the best way to handle it.

Is there anything special that characterizes your cooperation with 3 Step IT?
The Asset Management tool was particularly helpful to us. The tool gives us a great deal of control over the process and lets us avoid having to take a manual inventory of our equipment. It has also become easy to update information about a particular device; for example, that it should be assigned to another user. Additionally, it logs any and all changes. We can also choose to add any information we need so that we don’t have to store it elsewhere.

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